The Future of This Blog: Reflections and Request For Suggestions

I have written this blog for almost nine years now. I have (obviously) not made a penny out of it, but I hope that the thousands of hours spent at the keyboard will, one day, help me – with God’s grace – to obtain the grace of all graces.

I can see the end of this blog on the horizon. I can see it in the fact that more and more conservative voices, big or small, are being silenced, even it if is the big ones who make the headlines.

I can also see it in the decision, made once and never changed, that I will blog anonymously or I will not blog. If you don’t get why, at this point I think you are too thick to even merit an explanation.

I also thought – until recently – that WordPress would protect my freedom of speech. Not so sure anymore. When manosphere blogs are shut down – it does not matter here whether you agree with them or not – conservative Catholics cannot be very far away. I have, therefore, come to the conclusion that, at some point, WordPress will silence me; and at that point it will likely be the end of my blog experience, unless I find a way to make it work on another platform. I have thought of some short term measures, but this post is principally meant to investigate long term possibilities.


I have downloaded on my anonymous email a complete backup of my site. Whilst I don’t know how to use it, in case of need I do not doubt that other people would.

However, I encourage my readers to do the same, archiving as much as they can of my site.

For example, if you receive my blog posts via email, you may think of not ever deleting them and potting them in a folder somewhere in the cloud, where it will not get destroyed next time your hard drive dies.  Or, like me, you have an email provider that keeps the emails forever, which also helps if it really works that way. If the manure hits the ventilator, there will be people able to put many posts on the internet again, on platform that cannot be easily assailed.

If any of my readers is technically gifted and knows how to “mirror” my site (I do not even know what that means exactly), he should feel free to do so if this allows my site to be easily “recovered” in case of sudden and total censorship.

Basically the idea is this: that if my site is closed, the content will pop up in dozen of other sites around the Internet; all the thousands of posts in it and possibly the comments, too. It is a sort of preventative measure.


If my blogging activity is to continue after WordPress were to shut down this site, I would need to have a place that guarantees complete anonymity.

Complete means complete.

Therefore, and just to make an example, no credit cards whatsoever, or anything that traces a payment back to me. I might make a partial exception for Bitcoin or other virtual currencies, meaning that if I can buy a domain and make it work by paying only in virtual currency, I trust that this would be safe enough.

You all know how my WordPress site is organised and the way in which I use it.

I am grateful for any suggestion about alternative platforms which:

1) Are extremely serious about freedom of speech.

2) Allow me to set up my place, without technical knowledge (WordPress was excellent in this), either for free or paying in virtual currency. I would be glad to find sites that allow payment with vouchers and gift cards. Bear in mind, however, that a lot that is allowed in the US is not allowed here in Europe (e.g. anonymous credit cards, anonymous phone numbers). Already requiring a phone number kills the entire exercise (which is why my blog is on WordPress and not Blogger): a stupid SJW in the provider’s office and you are doxxed already.  Yes, I am a mistrustful guy.

3) Have the same format as this blog: one blog post after the other and the possibility to read them in a series and order them by months etc,  rather than a “Twitter” format where one only has a “window” were to write, but no proper blog organisation of the virtual space, or a discussion forum rather than a proper blog.

WordPress has tremendous advantages: totally free and totally anonymous, and with an easy to set up, convenient blog format. I am slowly starting to look for something like WordPress, but with a passion for freedom, for the case that WordPress shuts me down.

What alternatives are there?

Thanks to all that would like to contribute and add suggestions and alternative ways of doing this.



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  1. I have been thinking about this, too. There is no online platform that is safe from censorship. All of the free blogging sites (e.g. Blogger, are controlled by Silicon Valley types. I know personally many of the people behind these sites and they are West Coast liberals. The only alternative is to host your blog, using the free WordPress software, with a hosting provider. It’s easy for me to say this because I have 3 other blogs which I have been running for years using the WordPress software via a hosting provider which costs me $99 per year. So I have tons of experience running my own WP blog, and I can tell you that it’s a bit of a pain in the ass but doable for someone willing to learn. My personal blog, Lapsed Catholic Returns, is under a pseudonym. I could move it to my hosting provider. It would not cost me extra, but it’s one more blog to update regularly.

    • Thanks Julia. However, the host provider will give access to the same liberal guy, who will be able to doxx you at pleasure using your payment data. He will not even care if he loses his job. He’ll find another one in days. In the US you can pay with, I think, anonymous cards, they are forbidden here.

    • I think I can get vouchers/gif cards for cash. Sites allowing to use vouchers for payments will probably work.

  2. Mundabor: Perhaps you could check out what others in similar circumstances are doing like Jordan Peterson, Michael Voris, Ann Barnhardt.

    Maybe review how the Samizdat operated would be worthwhile.

  3. If you do a search on web hosting services that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you will see a list, many of which are outside the US.

  4. Sir your work is not yet done thanks for your commitment

  5. > However, the host provider will give access to the same liberal guy, who will be able to doxx you at pleasure using your payment data.

    At the end of the day, either the content is hosted on your own computer, and published to the world from there, or it is hosted on somebody else’s. But even using your own computer isn’t complete protection. For one thing, most people’s personal computers wouldn’t stand up to a concerted DoS attack. For another, if your blog host and your web host could betray you, by the same logic your ISP could too.

    If wishes were horses then beggars would ride, and all that, but perhaps the best option is to cultivate friends in multiple relatively friendly jurisdictions, who have the technical chops and operational security to host your content, and are unlikely to betray you either willingly or through fraud or duress. Then be able to move from one place to another as governments become more or less friendly.

    Definitely a long term strategy and I’m not sure how feasible it is for you (I know it wouldn’t be for a lot of people), but there it is.

  6. St Isidor of Seville, pray for the warrior we know and love as Mundabor.

    There was a nice tribute to you by Rod Halvorsen at One Peter Five yesterday.

  7. Mundabor, I have found your ‘blog has been a great resource and inspiration;I hope you keep it up as long as possible. I know more alternatives are coming for free-speech ‘blogging and messaging. For example, Gab is becoming a refuge for those kicked out of FB.

    And the legal tide is turning as well. I’m sure you’ve seen that the White House has started a Web page to collect accounts of political censorship by social media providers. Doxxing is certainly a crime, and I’m sure we’ll see some huge lawsuits soon.

  8. Al Schroeder

    Interesting that you write this. Michelle Malkin, who was recently censored by Face Book said her site is on Word Press and now she too is worried about censorship on WP that may one day bring her site down. I too have a traditional Catholic blog on Word Press so like you I am thinking how to prepare for censorship. My blog is tiny so I might slip under the radar. Its strengths are to carry live streaming feeds of the Latin Mass and a page of Traditional Catholic news feeds. The news feeds are an RSS type feed that people can find an article they are interested in click on the link and are sent to that persons blog directly to the article they are lookiing for, much like Canon 212 or the drudge report. I have other things there too which are too lengthy to mention. There is a software I used to use called Webeasy that you don’t have to be a geek to use that I might go back to or I will check out some others. Of course that does not prevent you web host from getting the censorship bug either. I think the bottom line is we fight with the weapons available and I don’t think the kind of people who read your blog, myself included, will give up that easily. There is an old saying I think attributed to the Jesuits, “Act as if all depends on you, but pray as if it all depends on God”. LOL pre Francis Jesuit of course. Good luck and don’t give up the fight. President Trump has no intention of fighting against insurmountable odds so we should not either. Good Luck and God bless.

  9. Al Schroeder

    oops typo, I ment to say, “President Trump has no intention of GIVING UP despite the insurmountable odds he is up against.

  10. Prayers for someone who can help will see this. I will forward the request to my son.
    god bless you!

  11. When the day comes and we are all separated from each other, that will be a bad day. In advance I want to thank you for all you have done.
    It’s become a tough slog, this world.

  12. I’m willing to assist you, managing the technical details of a wordpress install (including backups and moving hosting providers if one decides to pull your account). No need to pay — if I can use my tech skills to assist someone who is good at evangelization I figure I’m ahead in the deal. DM me via twitter or email me at to discuss.

  13. I don’t have much technical knowledge but my suggestion would be to experiment with some of the free and anonymous platforms to see if any work for you, and to have another site ready to go if needed. I pray that God will show you the way forward. Sometimes it all gets to be too much, from the subversive forces in the Church to the confusion of modern society in general, and it’s really helpful to hear voices of reason and encouragement. So, just know that the time and effort you put into this blog is much appreciated!

  14. sixlittlerabbits

    Fellowship of the Minds had a recent problem with Word Press and the blog managed to restart. Maybe it would be helpful to contact Dr. Eowyn of FOTM.

  15. I have no technical skill to offer, neither do I have the least legal understanding of the whole issue. This short note I simply wanted to drop in order to thank you for your work and commitment. Gaude et exsulta, quoniam merces tua copiosa erit in caelis. Until then, you can count on my prayers so that you keep it all going straight and strong.
    Also, if you happen to think one day that your job is done on the internet because of the many people waking up all over the world, please don’t give up: your style and rhetoric are unique. We just love the way you say things. Sanity & manliness together is really the way to go! Thanks for this.

    • Thanks Stephane.
      Good willing, I will continue until it puts my livelihood in danger. I do not seek persecution. If any armchair martyr want to do it differently, they can do so themselves.

  16. Howdy,
    I think I could help you. I’m somewhat of a professional internet engineer, at least I play one on TV. Honestly, though, my mother requested that I reach out to you to offer my assistance. You can contact me at

    • Many thanks Quade, and a great thank to you mother!

      I am already in discussions with someone of your professional orientation. But I will keep this message for security.

      Thanks again!


    This is a service that allows you to encrypt all traffic to and from your computer. If you host something yourself it can help conceal both your identity and location.

    • Thanks Daniel, I already use a VPN.
      Please keep all these info coming, it will be useful for other people thinking of starting anonymous blogs.

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