“Multifaith Prayer Rooms”

You have probably seen them, the “prayer rooms” in airports and other institutions. I have been in one. Not to pray in it, but to see how it was done.

Naked walls. Not one crucifix in sight. Not even a cross. The people praying were all Muslims, easily recognisable from their rythmic allah chanting and being all in the same directions.

These multifaith prayer rooms are a fraud. They are mosques by another name. They comply with the standards of interior decoration for a mosque, but not with those for a church. They are clearly uninviting places for prayer for anyone but Muslims.

A Catholic does not pray together with people of other faiths. But apparently everybody else also finds it unappealing to pray in a naked room, with the rhythmic soundtrack of the Mohammedan religion.

These multiprayer stuff should be put to an end. In traditional Christian Countries, I would actually expect to see a chapel. But if this does not work, better have nothing than a mosque in disguise. It creates a position of privilege for a minority.

It is not for, say, an airport to provide for the prayer needs of the Mohammedans.

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  1. catholictradition2

    It is the same in many hospitals. The crosses have evaporated. The air is oppressive, one cannot pray but feels conpelled to flee. It is not because there is no cross or crucifix per se but because they have been removed in the first place. One always knows what this means. I can pray in a cornfield but not in these hideous unnatural places.

  2. Rome now encourages Catholic to pray and sing at non-Catholic services. One can perform a reading or even give the sermon, as long as the Catholic doesn’t receive “Communion.” So wanting to be in the law and spirit of the Vatican II Church, I’ve sung at a sede-vacantist Mass a few times lately (without receiving Communion.) There’s a mosque not far away; maybe I’ll see if I can give the sermon there.

  3. I have been to 2 actual Catholic chapels in airports – in Chicago O’Hare & Cleveland. These are staffed by Catholic clergy and offer regular Masses and even have the Blessed Sacrament present in a tabernacle – which is a great solace! But they also have made accommodations to Protestants and Muslims. For example, when traveling to be at my father’s side as he was about to depart this life, I was praying before Our Lord during a layover and Muslims came in to do their ‘prayers’ on their rugs in the corner. I felt tension between us since I had being praying my Rosary verbally (I had been alone) albeit quietly. I was torn wondering if I should stay with Our Lord while enduring the Muslim rituals or leave. However, they made me feel very uncomfortable so after a bit I got up and left. The whole situation left me uneasy with this situation. I shutter to think what’s going to happen at Notre Dame if the French govt. plans to make it inclusive are realized.

  4. The airport “chapel” at Dallas Fort Worth has showers for Muslim ablutions, a directional for Mecca, and prayer rugs. The Christians get to gaze at a blank wall and a fake stained glass window that resembles bathroom tiles. Ironically, there is a yoga area right outside the “chapel.” I suppose it’s just a matter of time before yoga is moved into the “chapel.”

  5. I’ve just spoken to the head of the International Airport Authority. A large framed print of the following will be installed in all member airports. Should be comforting to many:

  6. All the confusing services are to pave the path for Francis’ NWO religion, One World Government Church. Trust and follow Jesus’ teachings only.

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