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On The Wrong Side Of God

Human being, in 3D and in colour

The law recently passed in Alabama meant to restrict the legal right to abort – a law clearly meant for a test in the Supreme Court – has leftists of all shapes in a state of hysteria.

It is a bit, albeit on a smaller scale, like watching the movie of Trump election again: countless Libtards inordinately whining and screaming as a reaction to their impotence to stop the tide of common sense.

I have bad news for the poor, deranged feminists of both sexes: their evil struggle is doomed in the long term.

The advancements of technology make it more and more difficult to deny the personhood of a baby in the womb. The very vocabulary says it: I did not use the expression “a future baby in the womb”. The baby is here, as a baby, when he is in the womb.

“Baby on board”.

Compared to this, expressions like “reproductive rights” sound exactly what they are: a profoundly evil spin of the murder of a baby (see what I am doing here?), in the womb of his mother, with her consent.

It is sad that technology, not faith or common piety, should help people to discard their genocidal thinking. But in a world without faith, even a picture can do a lot. Let those who cannot think, see.

The fight of the abortionists (every supporter of abortion is an abortionist) against God’s children is doomed to fail at some point. God willing, this or next Presidency will see the SCOTUS overturn Roe vs Wade. At that point the dam will break, and in fifteen years at the most reason will have made big inroads in Europe, too. It is difficult to criticise America’s “imperialism”, commercial or otherwise, when you kill your own children.

Abortionist Libtards are on the wrong side of God. Not a good place to be.

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