Wet Your Lips, But Never Whistle!

In recent days, two Cardinals and one Bishops (actually, they are among the usual suspects when it is about trying to defend, albeit timidly, orthodoxy against a heretical Pope) have renewed calls for the Evil Clown to “clarify Church teaching” concerning his heresies.

Firstly, the men clearly have not received the memo, in form of the “no hay otra interpretacion” letter which, in fact, abundantly clarifies where the Evil Clown lies on the matter of communion for divorced and, by extension, on the matter of what he thinks of heresy. Therefore, it seems to me that the intervention of these prelates is a bit of a talking to the wind, or to the wall. They are clearly not talking to Francis, who obviously ignores them.

Secondly, it is almost fun – in a somewhat depressing way  – that all three Orthodoxy Musketeers take stand against the open letter of the theologians inviting the bishop to take action against a heretical Pope.

This is like saying that it is good for bishops and cardinals to wet their lips; however, they should never whistle! How this follows any kind of logic is beyond me.

Words have a meaning if they are underpinned by facts. Words that are meant to remain only words are useless. Any bishop, any cardinal must know this. It is as if in their vision of things, Popes could go on for 70 years spreading heresies and it would be fine for a couple of bishops and cardinals to invite them to “clarify Church teaching” (which never happens) thinking that the request itself, not the clarification, is the answer to the problem.

One of the effects of Vatican II has been to create an awful lot of prelates who think they are journalists. They analyse and invite. They comment and reflect. They love to read their name in print. What they never do, what they think they have no duty to do, is, actually, act.

Words, without facts, are rather empty. You need to do what you say needs to be done. A Bishop or Cardinal is not called to give commentaries about the faith. He is called to actively defend it; in season and out of season, and with no respect for authority when this authority defies God.

He is not one who comments about those in power. He is one of those who actually have it.

You would think this simple concept would be clear after 2000 years of Christianity. Instead, prepare yourself for the next lame interview in which a prelate thinks that wetting his lips is the same as whistle.



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  1. “What they (Bishops) never do, what they think they have no duty to do, is, actually, act.”

    Yes, and a sad commentary on another pernicious aspect of Vatican II regarding collegiality of Bishops and the USCCB. Decision responsibility is now seen by Bishops as a group rather than individual responsibility. In effect, decisions will be designed to be inoffensive, appeal to the least rigorous moral denominator, and cast the Bishops in a light favorable to Liberal (Vatican II) values. In their own minds Bishops are off the hook—but not off God’s mind.

  2. Well said….kinda reminds me of ye olde stupid saying..do as I say, not as I do. In southern parlance, that dog don’t hunt. The Cardinals and aforementioned bishops don’t hunt. They for the most part, are lap dogs without teeth.

  3. kathleencooks

    Thank you, Mundabor for this and for your constant fighting the good fight.

    I have been appreciating your blog since I think about the beginning so the thanks are overdue.

    It’s becoming more and more of a relief to read someone that gets it.

    It really is about doing the right thing.

    Every the demonic revolutionaries have got started a resistance only formed because of pushing from the laity. The big saints and martyrs largely end up being priests and religious but the laity has to PUSH to get it going

    And ALL of the resistances except for Spain failed. And this time the demonic revolutionaries are inside the Church and they likely are going to win this phase of the long war.

    But God and Our Blessed Mother are going to win the long war and what we do have to do in this phase is right thing. Period.

  4. I’ve always felt a rogue pope could be overcome, but not rogue bishops as a collective. If there were faithful bishops saying what needs to be said to his face, and warning the faithful not to follow heresies, how much better our situation would be!
    But that is not what we have, we have a rogue pope and rogue bishops. I count silent bishops or bishops who mince words as rogues. They have not done the job, not lived up to their vocations. They have capitulated, almost all of them, because who has confronted him to the face? Who has denounced as heresy his words? Who has criticized his appointments publicly? Who has spoken Truth and spoken it without softening it with 10,000 words?
    I can only think of one who has come close, but he is in hiding out of fear for his life.

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