EU Elections: Salvini Defeats Francis And The Pathetic V II Church

“Those pesky Italians keep not listening to me!”

Oh, joy!

Matteo Salvini, the Home Office Minister, Vice Prime Minister and de facto strong man of the Italian Government, has seen a strong increase in support at the European Election.

This is relevant not only for the obvious political implications concerning the authoritarian project called “European Union”, but also because it gives a very clear idea of the power Francis has in Italy, that is: very little.

The background: during the electoral campaign, Salvini stressed the Christian and Catholic culture of the Country against the dangers of you-know-what. He was seen holding a Rosary. He even entrusted the Country to the Blessed Virgin. Not entirely unpredictably, he was savagely attacked by Francis’ hounds. Defending Catholicism is now seen an Uncatholic. There is no doubt on earth – and no one doubted in Italy – that Francis was, and is, openly against Salvini.

In a Country with still an awful lot of Catholics, you would think that Salvini would be punished at the ballot box. You would think so, because 1) Salvini’s electorate is just the one more likely to be linked to Catholic values, and 2) there was at least a perfectly valid alternative to Salvini, sending pretty much exactly the same message on the whole if you don’t like the EU in its present form.

Well, guess what: the good Italian people have, collectively speaking, told Francis what they think of him and of his one-world caricature of the Faith, deciding to support and make stronger the very same man the Vatican has so strongly attacked. And if you read the Italian newspapers (and know a bit about Italian politics) you know that this is not only an EU affair: as of this morning, the balance of power within the Government has clearly shifted, and Salvini is even more its numero uno.  Well done, Frankie dear!

It gets worse.

God knows Salvini isn’t a model Catholic by any stretch of the imagination. In the presence of a Catholic Pope, he would be in an extremely difficult position. But the fact is this: correctly, the good people of Italy have recognised that even Salvini is way more Catholic than the Pope.

Francis is finished. He is finished as a Pope because no sane Catholic respects him, and he is finished as a figure of influence because even those only vaguely culturally Catholic just don’t care a straw about what he says.

The only ones who agree with Francis are those who don’t need him, and to whom he can be of no use: environuts, third-worldists, and assorted atheists and enemies of Christ.

Keep sinking, Evil Clown.

It will be a joy to watch.





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  1. Interesting lesson: Salvini is a bad Catholic who knows and loves what being a good Catholic means.
    Francis is a bad Catholic who knows but hates what being a good Catholic means.
    Given the Catholic vacuum Francis has created Salvini has stepped into the void, just like Donald Trump, by doing things a good and true Catholic Pope would applaud..
    Surely, God operates in mysterious ways.

  2. I see that a similar scene is being played out in France….and even in England!
    Sadly there are songs being sung in France which rejoices in the destruction of Notre Dame but nevertheless Monsieur Macron has been trounced by Marinne La Penne in the EU elections.

  3. Well at least the Pope has Venezuela to hang his mitre on. And of course Cuba and China. He calls that winning.

  4. This is glorious news indeed. He has had six years to kill the faith and the West and pretend everybody is happy about it. Now he has egg on his face and I wonder how he likes it.

  5. Mary K Jones

    Excellent news! It is wonderful to see another sign of sanity in Europe. We need it!

  6. What a wonderful thing, to see Italy sane again!

    • At least, on its way…

    • I cling to crumbs, I know.

      We were visiting Rome during the last U.S. election. On a city bus, in front of the driver and all the passengers–oh, how they love an audience–a prim Roman matron discerned my husband’s American origin and with great energy condemned Mr. Trump and urged him to support Clinton. The rest were doubled up in laughter (me most of all, because he had voted before we left home). We soon discovered that everyone, from the magisterial waiters to up-the-minute cabbies, had quite a different opinion in private. May God bless Italy–its people have suffered so much.

    • Yes, the female wanted to virtue signal, probably also show off her English.
      Well done with the laughing!!

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