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The Great Embarrassment

Oh my.

Pope Benedict’s resignation would be valid, then dubious, then value again, in a matter of hours. Says, apparently, the same theologian.

I wish we would focus on the real problem on the ground (hint: heretical Pope and cowardly shepherds) rather than wasting time on this absurd non-matter.

Benedict has clearly wanted to renounce his role as the man in charge. He has stated several times that Francis is Pope. He has actually even praised Francis, and may the Lord forgive him for it.

The man has quit. In darn Latin. As officially as can be. In front ov the entire planet. He has set up a schedule and a plan, and according to this schedule he has, again very publicly and symbolically, flown away in helicopter from the Vatican. Cameras followed him live, sending these highly symbolic footage all over the world.

But Benedict is a cerebral guy. He is, also, steeped in Italian culture, where even children know that Dante condemned (though Dante himself never mentions him by name) Celestino V for his abdication. Being the gregarious, too clever by half “intellectual” that he is, he uses a figure also well known in Italy, the one of the Emeritus. The Emeritus is the one that does not have the job anymore (because he has retired) but keeps the rank and honour (because it is deemed fitting that he should). Therefore, when a high ranking Government officer (say: a General) retires, it is said that he a “retired General”; but when a Professor retires he is not called a retired Professor, he is called Professor Emeritus. It’s the way it is, and Benedict did not want to be treated in a lesser way: both because of the profession, way more prestigious than the one of a Professor, and because he did not want to look like a Celestine.

Good Lord, is it difficult?

The fact that he keeps the title “Pope” is also not relevant. Besides the reasons just mentioned, in Italy every Prime Minister and every President of the Republic is called “Mr President” for the rest of his natural life. Again, this is an obvious tribute to the office once held. No-one would say that the fact that Mr Renzi is called Presidente means that there is something fishy with the appointment of his successors.

Where is Benedict reneging on his own abdication? Where is his official statement that Francis is not the legitimate Pope? Have we really sunk to such level of embarrassing childishness, that we try to deform every little hint, every little non-statement of Benedict as reason to doubt what the man himself has told the world?

When I talk about religion with my friends, none of whom obviously knows that I write this blog, I accurately avoid mentioning Bennyvacantists. The matter is so embarrassing to me, that I fear if would cast a shadow on all Catholics, besides causing a lot of laughter in the solidly down-to-earth Italian culture.

The guy who recites the Angelus in St Peter Square is the Pope.

It is time to stop with this embarrassment. Having a heretical Pope is bad enough, but it is neither new nor church-shattering. Francis is the fitting Pope for a very stupid, godless age. Let us put an end to the stupidity and godlesness of the age, and you will see God will grace us with proper Catholic Popes again!

On the day Benedict dies, I will be very curious to know who, according to Bennyvacatists, is now Pope, and why this is so. As the man is 92, I doubt I will stay curious for very long.

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