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Cardinal Brandmueller And The Duty Of Martyrdom.

Cardinal Brandmueller has thundered against the instrumentum laboris of the Amazonian synod. The accusations are heavy, and deservedly so: heresy and possible apostasy.

If someone does something good, it will not be your humble correspondent who criticises him. Cardinal Brandmueller behaved, this time, like a Cardinal. However, I note the following:

  1. Almost all quotations are from V II documents. This guy is 90 and about to die, and he still has not understood where the problem lies.
  2. It must be clear to any reasonable person that this Amazonian stuff would have never taken place, if Brandmueller himself and the other three kitten in red had whistled after very publicly wetting their lips. 

This is a bit like Hindenburg criticising Hitler. Whilst Brandmueller was never the Hindenburg of Francis, his refusal to act on the obvious heresy of Amoris Laetitia makes him an enabler of all heresies that came, and will come, after that disgraceful document.

And in case you ask why I single out Brandmueller, who is less bad than most, in preference to the many other Cardinals who are far more culpable than him, I answer this: that from a Catholic Cardinal like him, or Burke, I expect that they act way more than I do a faithless commie like Cupich; and that someone who believes in God must have a much clearer picture of the price to pay for his betrayal and lack of action than someone who clearly only believes in social justice and social envy like Cupich or, for that matter, Francis.

Understand this: a priest needs to exercise some prudence, lest his parish be deprived of a needed Catholic voice. But a Bishop already has an unconditional duty to speak. A Cardinal has, arguably, an even clearer and more urgent duty, as it is widely believed that the fastest way to stop a heretical Pope goes via the 150 or so Cardinals, not via the 8000 or so Bishops.

As to the consequences, I smile when people write on my comment box nonsense like “you can’t condemn him: he would be persecuted!”. We are not talking of the accountant of the fourth floor here. We are not talking of the baker down the road. We are talking of bishops and cardinals: people told and trained to die for Christ at a moment’ s notice, and glad to be able to offer their martyrdom. 

A Cardinal dresses in red so that he is constantly reminded of the martyrdom of so many before him. His is not to reason what might happen after he speaks. His job is to speak. If he gets poisoned, may his reward in heaven be bigger, and I hope he will be prudent enough not to find himself in a place where he could be poisoned (look at Vigano’: faithful, but smart!). But the duty to speak is unquestionably there, and no fear of sanction, or death, or torture can speak against it.

We are talking of bishops and cardinals here, not accountants and bakers. Yes, from everyone is martyrdom expected. But from the first, it is expected first.

Cardinal Brandmueller has adopted the Burkian strategy: no action in essentials, but criticism whenever it is not too dangerous. He does not even criticise Francis, absurdly pretending that Francis is not behind all this. It is still a criticism from a fairly safe place, from a 90 years old who should have much more pressing worries.

Summa summarum: thanks, Your Grace.

But not good enough.






Evil Clown, Privilege, And Poverty

“Catholics, I hate you all!”


“Dear brothers and sisters, ‘All who believed were together and had all things in common;they would sell their property and possessions and divide them among all according to each one’s need (Acts 2:44-45).”

“Remember always,” Pope Francis urged, “that this is the way that a Christian community lives: harmony, witness, poverty, and taking care of the poor.”

This is straight from the horse’s mouth, though here it is clear an ass, not a horse, speaking.

This little game is played very often by our very stupid Heretic In Chief: poverty is bad, but it is also good. It is unjust that the are rich people whilst other live in poverty, but people should, actually, live in poverty.

The reason for all this senseless blathering is simple: Francis is

a) stupid,

b) envious and

c) a Communist.

He is stupid, and therefore does not notice that his constant contradictions destroy every credibility he may have hoped to obtain.

He is envious, which is why he constantly attacks those who had – by virtue of birth, or life circumstances, or their own personal effort – more than he had.

He is a Communist (a common consequence of being envious) and therefore preaches the communion of wealth, presenting it as an ideal of living in the modern times.

It has been a constant teaching of the Church that God inspired the very first community of Christians to put all they had in common in order to be specially equipped for the difficult task at hand and strengthen them for the challenges and martyrdom to come. This is not very dissimilar to what, say, a friars’ community would do now. But never has the Church taught that this socioeconomic model should be exported to common people, and I note here that Francis is not speaking to friars.

Francis encourages lay people to have all things in common and become poor in the process. He peddles an ideology that has taken leave of Christianity and has become a boring repetition of the mantras of the egalitarian utopia of the lazy, the mediocre and, most of all, the envious. And in fact, if six and a half years of toxic Pontificate have shown anything, is that this man is eaten alive by social envy: the resentment at being born in a humble family, with no easy ways to make a path for himself in life, whilst the privileged lived in comfort and shared most of the opportunities.

Faced with obstacles in his life (obstacles which are providentially given to us by Our Lord, and infallibly decreed by His Divine Wisdom so that we may develop our faith, our strength, our resolve and, importantly, our Christian acceptance of God-willed inequalities), the man reacted in the way that is most pleasing to Satan: rejecting God and converting himself to a lay religion that would give him a pretext for his ungodly envy of, and hatred for, the rich and privileged.

This is why in Francis you have poverty as evil and ideal. Communist Francis constantly short-circuits Envious Francis, whilst Stupid Francis barely notices it.

This is just the way the brain of a stupid, lazy, envious person works.




The Sheep Are Getting Angry

FrancisStooge makes a Twitter appeal for the Peter Pence.

The reaction is brutal.

I have seen angry Twitter reactions to FrancisStooges, but this is something else.

Something is changing. Slowly, the common people start to have enough of the bunch of faithless, often perverted socialists peddling to them an alternative religion.

The tweet with the empty basket at the back of the church is likely just as indicative of the current state of affairs as the deluge of tweets saying no to feeding the wrong causes with the excuse of the Church. When this happens, it is only a matter of time before the wealthy donors (UK: say, 70% of total donation revenue) start doing the same, and then it will be Red Alert all over the Catholic Planet.

Our so-called shepherds are losing face, big time; not only with the activists, the bloggers and their readers; but with the normal people in the pews. Actually, even with the normal people outside of the pews! Millions in Italy, who don’t go to church, clearly understand by now that even Matteo Salvini is far more Catholic than the Pope. In the United States, Trump has the same effect.

Clericalism works only up to a certain point. The natural deference for the shepherds evaporates when the sheep understand that they are wolves. Yes, they get a “bonus” of credibility, and it will be a while before this bonus is spent. But when it’s gone, it’s gone.

We are slowly, but surely, getting there.

I have a dream: thousands of militant Catholics, with banners of their organisations and images of the Blessed Virgin, booeing Francis at the Angelus, or when he goes around in St Peter’s Square looking for wheelchairs to be photographed with.

Alas, for that we will have to wait a tad longer. But the rage of the sheep, tired to be fleeced even as they are abandoned, is mounting.

The sheep are getting angry.

This might change the current state of affairs quite rapidly, because the wolves want the money to keep flowing in.

Symphaty For The Devil

And it came to pass the late, notorious Cardinal Bernardin might have been not only a through-and-through bastard (we knew that already) but a Satanist to boot.

Shocking, uh?

But…. is it?

The betrayal of Christ implicit in every word of these social justice warriors, apostles of “peace” and seamless garment bigots is a massive, self-evident one. It is a betrayal every single one of them must certainly be aware of. Why should it be so absurd that this betrayal stems from real hatred of Christ?

Also, think this: many of these social justice apostles are homosexuals. I fact, I have often maintained that pacifism, environmentalism, social justice activism and the like are a very good indication that the religious in question is a sodomite, because the loss of faithfulness to Christ and the sense of his own disgusting hypocrisy forces him to find self dignity and purpose in something completely detached from Him, something popular with the world and apt to make him look good by it. From utter betrayal of Christ to worship of Satan the step is, particularly for a religious, not such a terribly long one.

Let us, then, reflect on a wider, more disquieting fact.

Bernardin was made bishop by Paul The Weak, and Cardinal by John Paul The Earth Kisser. How many like him might he have helped to become bishops and cardinals? How many bishops and cardinals are today, like he was before, seamless garment subversives with a penchant for Satan?

Could one of them have actually become…. the Pope?

Not saying it has to be so. It will likely not be so. But I struggle to see fundamental differences between Bernardin and Bergoglio. Therefore, it is not beyond the pale that the hatred for Christ both very obviously harbor(ed) might have reach that level of hatred.

Shocking, I know.

Like V II is shocking, and has been from the very start.

The Deep Disorder Of “Transgenderism”

Prison Planet has the Story of the murder and attempted massacre by two shooters, at least one of whom one of those people they call Transgender. These are people who, belonging to one sex, think they belong to the other. It’s a bit like a cat believing that he is a dog; but worse, because cats tend to have lower intelligence than humans.

The assassin in question, motivated by pure hatred, shows all the madness of modern times. The girl says she is “super suicidal”, but she was not locked in some place where she could be helped to grow out of her madness or, at least, kept where she cannot harm others.

Last time I looked, an astonishing percentage of these extremely disturbed people committed suicide. It does not take a genius to realise that people with this sort of derangement and suicidal thoughts can very easily harm others.

Instead of “affirming” them, a sane Country would actually care for them in the only way you do with lunatics: by putting them in a safe place, where they cannot harm themselves and others and are offered help to recover sanity if at all possible.

One day, I am sure, sanity will prevail over political correctness. But make no mistake, countless of these people will kill themselves, or kill others before they do, before we start thinking again like normal people, and in the same way as all generations before us did.

For now, reflect on how the Western Societies both sides of the Pond have helped the young woman to destroy her life and the life of an innocent, thankfully being too dumb to do all the damage she wanted to do.

We live in mad times. There is no more definitive proof of this than transgenderism, closely followed by the atheist superstition called climate change.




Cupich, Francis And The Block Of Granite

Here’s the fork. Have a go, Francis dear…


“I’m aware of some state and federal investigations going on regarding Cupich. Hopefully they will pan out, but I’m not at liberty to tell the details yet.”

This is from a reliable source, in answer to a question about the future of Cardinal Cupich, published on Renew America.

I did not know about the investigation. I am glad to know that even in this rotten state of affairs there are people in the Vatican willing to investigate a powerful member of the Heretic Homo Mafia currently keeping the Church as hostage.

I have no doubt that such an investigation will be threatened from all sides, and that Francis will do all he can to quash it. However, after the Vigano’ episode it can be that the Evil Clown has become a tad more prudent in how he carries out his satanic work.

We have come to this: that Cardinals push an obviously evil homo agenda, and we have no hope, no hope whatsoever that the Pope may do anything at all against it. Actually, we know with absolute certainty, repeated countless times in public declarations of all sorts, that that the evil Cardinal was made such exactly to push this agenda!

Depressing, I know. But this blog does not exist to depress you. This blog exists to help you get a proper assessment of the reality on the ground, and live your life in faith drawing the proper conclusions from the assessment you have made.

Ten, twenty, even fifty years of Francischaos, if it goes on for that long, are but a stain in a garment that remains, in its essence and purpose, exactly as sacred and immaculate as it always was. It is not only a quantitative considerations (Francis is nothing more than a blip in the radar screen if compared to 2000 years of Christianity; it is not even that if you look at it sub specie aeternitatis). It is the fact that the sacred function and divinely decreed establishment of the Church are so much superior to any problem in her governance.

How diminished is the dignity of the Papacy if he burps at the table?

The dignity of the man is certainly impacted; and you will call him, and rightly so, a boor. But the dignity of the Papacy, how is it impacted? It isn’t.

The same goes for the Church. Nothing in Her function and sacred establishment is changed by God allowing that She be run by an evil clown and his minions. Their burping does not affect Her. She keeps teaching you and guiding you through the immense patrimony left to us so that we can make good use of it. She is just as indefectible as She always was. Francis and his guy are merely trying to scratch a huge block of granite with a fork, or to deface it with spray paint. By all their scratching and defacing, the immense block of granite will always be there, unchanged in its nature and function.

Too many people look at the paint and think that the granite must be broken, or that it will never survive continued years of scratching. This is wrong. What is divinely instituted does not die because of a Commie from Argentina, or a homo abetter from the USA. The Lord who instituted an indefectible Church will, in His own time, care that everything is back in its proper order: perhaps through the ordinary work of men (as in the investigation against Cupich), perhaps with a more overtly divine intervention; perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps after we have all died. But we know this: that the Bergoglios and Cupichs of the world will all be confounded, and that God will not be mocked.

Look at the present day with your eyes wide open. Do not seek an easy escapism in home-made, absurd “solutions” that are merely being in denial.

Look at the magnificence of the Church, and reflect on the Omnipotence of God instead, and thing will fall i place as you gain the right perspective to correctly evaluate the years we are living.

Bergoglio is there, scratching with the fork. Cupich is there, spraying paint like there is no tomorrow.

There is, in the end, nothing they can do against the huge block of granite.




The House Is Burning, And The Smoke Of Satan Is Charring The Church.

Edward Pentin (who, by way of his job, is forced to read the rubbish we carefully avoid) has sent this tweet  about the Satanic Synod. I have put a snippet above.

This gives you the scale of the devastation that is currently ravaging the Church; a devastation that is getting worse almost by the month, and which is aided and abetted by all members of the hierarchy who do not denounce the root of the problem: the Pope.

I will not comment on the single statements above, because there is really no need for it with any Christian. Let me, instead, focus on another issue that is, perhaps, not so evident to many.

This is the fruit of the failure to denounce Pope Francis as a heretic and ask from him that he recants or be deposed. All the members of the hierarchy who have not done this are part of the problem, not of the solution.

Francis has always hated Catholicism. He has hated it with a passion. He has hated it, I think, even more because of the obvious problem of scrounging an entire existence out of an organisation he so seriously loathes.

Now that he is Pope, he is abusing his role and power to demolish the Institution he hates as much as he can; without caring for, or worrying about, any divine punishment, because obviously he does not believe in God, and probably never has.

But do not think that I make of him the only culprit. I have insisted often here, and will continue to say, that this monstrous individual has been aided and abetted every step of the way by all those who, under the pretence of “prudence”, have renounced to draw the consequences from the behaviour of this evil individual.

At which point will the SSPX, and the Bishops and Cardinals, ask for the forced removal of this disgrace?

What if Francis declares God a “She”, but he does not do so in a formal document? 

What if Francis instruct us to pray to the Father, the Son and Holy Allah, but he does so in a letter to some Muslim Imam?

What if Francis introduces an eleven commandments, “Thou shall worship Manitu”, but he does so talking with journalists in an aeroplane?

When will this stop? Can the above mentioned individuals (this includes the SSPX) not see the deep damage that is done by allowing Francis’ new “Our father”, or his heresies about the capital punishment, to get into official teaching texts like the Catechisms?

Dear bishops (this includes the SSPX) and Cardinals:

the house is burning, and it is time to take a hard look at the fire.

Yes, the building will never be destroyed. But this is not a reason to let the fire ravage the building.

This disgraceful era (which, bar a Divine Intervention, has all the look of going on for several more decades, as is it clear that evil people are raping the Church unopposed) will be remembered less for the heretical Popes as for the complicit Bishops and Cardinals; because their cowardice and inaction will be remembered long after the very name of the heretical Popes have been forgotten by all but historians and history buffs.

The house is burning, and the smoke of Satan is charring the Church.

Our shepherds react with “prudence”, and faint meowing, and professions of truth that do absolutely nothing to deal with the problem.

It is like having a violent bully at home, and going around the house telling people about the virtues of niceness whilst the furniture is being destroyed all the other occupants have black eyes. For heaven’s sake, Bishops and Cardinals: tell the bully that he needs to stop or he will be kicked out on the street!

Nothing less will suffice, if this generation of Church prelates is to be remembered as Catholic in any meaningful way.

We live in time when one has to write blog posts stating what, in all generatiosn before us, would have been considered so obvious as to be not even worth discussing.

But no, we live in the time of the prudent Bishops.




The Age Of The Hippo

The obesity “epidemy” in Albion continues unabated, and for those – like me – born and bread in saner times and in a saner environment it is a shocking phenomenon to behold.

As I write this, I sit near not one, but two women whose shape I would, if I had ever seen it as a child, defined as monstrous, circus-like deformity. Both of them, surely, comfortably above 300 pounds; one surely in her Twenties, the other in her early Thirties at the maximum. Intently browsing their phones. Apparently, blissfully unaware of their own monstrous deformity.

Unless things change, these are two early graves just sitting near me. First, the knees will give way, further reducing mobility. Diabetes will soon become a real danger. In time, other organs, mostly likely the heart, will strike in protest of the abuse they are subjected; unless, again, diabetes comes first.

The issue here is not only the, no doubt, vast stupidity of the two hippos sitting near me. There is a larger, societal phenomenon at play here. The Zeppelins have been raised in an environment that constantly makes excuses for them, helping them to blame everything under the sun but the only culprits: themselves.

Where I come from, such monstrosities did not exist. Why? Because the social shame of reducing oneself in such a shape would be enough to prevent even the thought of it happening or, put it another way, because children began throwing stones and yelling insults at you in the street when you got to half that monstrous, gluttonous weight.

We live in a world where impulse control is never demanded. Be it study, food, sex, or sexual perversion, everyone is allowed by “experts” and “scientists” to do whatever he or she pleases: gettting out of school a functional illiterate, resembling a ball fish, having children out of wedlock, sleeping with people of the same sex, even deciding one is not a person of his own sex is all, nowadays, “affirmed”. What a stupid mockery of civilisation we are becoming.

The social implications of the comedic fatness of the two female elephants I am now beholding (without even having to pay the ticket at the circus; and I confess my fun at imagining them dancing to the music of Ponchielli, like the hippos in the famous scene of the first Walt Disney’s “Fantasia”) go beyond this. It is my firm persuasion that the two human tractors very likely feel, no matter how loud they protest normality, “different” and “victimised”. They also must know, at some unconfessed inner level, that they are just unable to control their impulses. They will, therefore, very likely take the side of other people like them, whom they will defend in order not to accuse themselves: perverts and failures of all sorts will be excused because “it is not their fault” and “they are just that way” (implied: “just as I am, so don’t dare to judge me”). If I want to be allowed to give unrestrained way to my impulses, I must take side with those who do the same with them. This is, by the way, the main reason why perverted priest clamour for communion for adulterers.

Discipline (of all sorts) is intrinsically conservative and right wing. Licence (of all sorts) is intrinsically subversive and left wing. Conservative minds instinctually recognise this, though they often fail to make the thought explicit, or are hindered by the “guilt” of being “judgmental”. Mind, though, that in more Christian times no-one had a problem with “judging” clearly wrong behaviour.

The de-Christianised world in which we live has written off gluttony just as it tries to write off discipline, order, and sacrifice. Everything must be reduced to the minimum common denominator of the dumbest, laziest, most gluttonous, most perverted ones. The two battleships near me, both avidly typing on their phone as I write this, are the perfect embodiment of such a society.

When this happens, everything goes down the drain: not only health but, at a deeper level, family (which requires discipline and self sacrifice) and religion (which requires exactly the same).

The defence of monstrous, morbid obesity is left wing. It is irreligious. It is subversive on all possible religious and social levels.

Make it stop.

Let’s go back to sanity in everyday stuff, and one day we will go back to sanity in the most important things.

Amazonian Savagery

The intrumentum laboris for the Amazonian synod is out, and it atrocious. Married priest as the de facto standard option are in the cards.

Now, occasionally there have always been married priest. If an Anglian so-called vicar converts to Catholicism and receives the Holy Orders, there you have your married priest. But this was always meant to be the exception, with priestly celibacy as the time-honoured and, at this point, sacrosanct standard case.

The Amazonian Synod clearly wants to introduce the standard of the married priests through the Amazonian back door: start first with a remote region where – you say – is it difficult to find priests (is it? When has a strong Church believing in Catholicism lacked brave missionaries?) and then allow this new praxis to extend to the other region courtesy of corrupted, faithless bishops.

This is clearly what this Amazonian stuff was meant to be from day one: a backdoor, the proverbial (alleged extreme case to make very real bad laws.

We thank for this not only the Evil Clown and his evil minions. We thank for this all those Bishops and Cardinals who think that waiting for Francis’ death is the best, most “prudent” course of action, and all those faithful of little faith who actually side with the hierarchy as they do nothing but faintly meowing every now and then.

This kind of evil could not happen with only one evil man. The main culprit has been aided and abetted, for years, by the ” prudent” behaviour of all those – be they clerics or laymen – who have let this happen without demanding that the problem be removed, thinking that time alone would cure all ills.

Enjoy the married priests, then, dear “prudent” faithful of little faith.

You have helped to make it happen.

Snarkistissimo, or: Grow Some Balls, And Learn Some “Snarky”

Good Lord, the latest incurably nice blogger has accused Canon 212’s Frank Walker of being “snarky”.

Boy, that calls for the confessional…

Let us look around us, shall we?

Not even the Our Father is safe from the Modernist attack of a damn Commie envious of all those who have achieved something in life without scrounging an existence from people they hate (like Bergoglio clearly did); there is no Sacrament free from attack from the inside; the Seal of Confession is under threat and we have a Pope worrying to import as many Muslims in the West as fast as possible; we have a Pope going around spitting heresies and stupid SJW propaganda day in and day out; countless bishops and many Cardinals are being appointed that will perpetuate (bar a Divine intervention) the mess and make it worse….

And in all this, it would be bad to be “snarky”.

Mr Walker, if you want to hear my advice:

Be snarky.

Be snarkier!

Be (and I claim the copyright on this) Snarkistissimo!!

These times do not call for nice reflections on the difficulty of the situation. They call for the utter shaming of all corrupted and infidel clergy and laity, with whatever means language affords.

Enough with the apostles of niceness. I always suspect they were (if they are US citizen) too nice to vote for Trump.

Niceness is the poison of modern times. It ensures the enemy never gets attacked effectively, and always gets the upper hand when they whine and call us names; which we counter, of course, by apologising and being “nice”; and the cycle goes on because your enemy really doesn’t care that you are nice.

Niceness is not a religion. Niceness isn’t even a moral obligation. Niceness is merely an option. Our Lord wasn’t nice to the money changers, or to the Pharisees. John The Baptist must, in his public utterances, have been “nice” fairly rarely. Padre Pio was famously short-tempered.

For heaven’s sake, let us get rid of this disease of niceness as the only acceptable standard once and for all.

I am nice to people who either deserve my niceness, or who have done nothing to have it withdrawn. Failing that, it’s the end of niceness, and the guy on the other side notices it very fast.

Enough with this niceness obsession. This is an Anglo thing anyway. In more southern climates the communication is way more direct, and no one cries in horror.

These Anglo Countries seem to take as the model of communication the most effeminate category of people I know: Anglican (Mickey Mouse) priests.

For heaven’s sake: grow some balls, and learn some “snarky”.





Gender Lunacy

Pope Francis has released a document negating the entire “gender identity” stuff: that is, the literally lunatic thinking according to which one who is born a man can decide that he is a woman, or a cat, or a plant, one of the three….

Do not think for a moment that Francis is “being Catholic” on this. The man is and remains a bloody heretic.

The message from the document is that gender identity is something so obviously absurd that even Pope Francis understands it. And this is a guy with a very feeble grasp on pretty much everything.

When I was at school, they made us learn the principle of non contradiction: if something is white, it cannot be black at the same time, because this would contradict its being white. This rather elementary stuff was used as a fundament of logical thinking, in the same way as simple additions like 2 + 2= 4 are in the end the basis of mathematical thinking.

The gender identity ideology is the statement that what is white can be also black at the same time (or it can be a woman whilst having men’s chromosomes). It is exactly the same as saying that two and two can be five whenever you feel like it, and take some hormones trying to change an obvious reality.

It is lunacy. Such lunacy, in fact, that not even stupid Francis falls for it.

Imagine that.

Cardinal Cat Meows Again

And it came to pass Cardinal Burke and a couple of others released a statement repeating some obvious truths of the Church, but stopping short once again of doing what they have to do: condemn the Pope’s statements as heretical, and pose him in front of the choice between recanting those statements or being accused of pertinacious heresy.

If a teacher goes around saying that two and two is five, it does not help much if another teacher confirms that it is four. This, people know by themselves easily enough. The problem, in this case, is exactly that the teacher cannot count.

Burke & Co. keep going around the problem, and refusing to see it.

A Penny Catechism can be had for very little money. Cardinals should do more than repeating it.

The duty of Burke and the other Cardinals is to address the problem of a heretical Pope , not merely make the right noises.

Once again, it seems to me that Cardinal Burke is adopting a strategy that gives him the maximum of visibility with the minimum of risk. Not only does he fall way short of the mark. He also falls short of the standard he himself set when he first released the Dubia.

From those who appear more Catholic it is expected more. From those who wet their lips (and make themselves beautiful for it) it is expected that they whistle. From those who say they would act it is expected that they do exactly that.

What we have here, unfortunately, is merely more meowing.

In God We Trust

Image result for dollar bill in god we trust


Good news from the old U S of A.

Militant atheist have lost again. The words “in God we trust” may remain on US bills and coins.

Yes, dear, in God we Trust. Not in atheist busybodies wanting to purge every aspect of religious experience from our life, because they have death inside them.

Particularly sad is that, among the “petitioners”, there were nine children. Little souls (see what I am doing here?) conditioned to reject God from a very early age, and instrumentalised by their own bigoted parents into something they cannot well understand. But hey, who would be so cruel as to displease children?

I notice here that this extremists position is, in fact… the EU one. Our nannies in Brussels loathe every Christian expression in coins and banknotes, as our very dear brothers and sisters of the religion of peace could feel offended by it. They are doing exactly the same as the American bigots, but with the added PC slant.

As the United States keep having a common sense approach to basic life things, we in poor old Europe keep sliding towards, I am afraid, a bloody civil war one day.

And this is, my friends, because… we do not trust in God anymore.



The Attack On The Seal Of Confession

An extremely dangerous movement is now underway, meant to oblige priests to violate the seal of Confession.

Do not say that this is all a posture, as paedophiles would not confess their crimes.

Firstly, they might.

Secondly, this mentality is an invitation to have priests arrested because of the evil deeds of anti-Christian activists.

Imagine your average activist perv going in the confessional with his smartphone on recording. He “confesses” a child rape, and his phone records the conversation. The priest obviously does not violate the seal of confession. The pervert goes to the police with the evidence of a crime, as the crime would consist in not reporting to the police, irrespective of the veracity of the confession.

This is likely the greatest attack brought against the Church in centuries.

Do not expect the bishops to do more than some faint meowing, and Francis to go through some obligatory lip movement before he resumes his communist propaganda.

Help us, Lord. Please help us sheep abandoned by our shepherds; though we have been culpable every step of the way, too.

Reblog: The Big Drip

The Big Drip

Stop This Nonsense, Mr President

President Trump has just disappointed myself and every other rational thinking person by “endorsing” sexual perversion.

We knew Trump was never the Crusader in matters of sodomy; but this is a betrayal for several reasons.

Firstly, Trump knows that you cannot separate the aspect of Christianity that bring him votes from those who might actually cost two or three. This here might actually backfire, as some Christian voters, particularly in the Southern States, could actually stay home in 2020 just for this.

Secondly, it creates a disquieting image of a man ready to say what is convenient to be said, thus undermining his stance in all the issues on which he is right.

Thirdly, it cast a horrible shadow on Trump’s own personal faith. You support Jerusalem or Sodom. You can’t has both.

Shame on you, Mr President.

And build the damn wall.

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Clump Of Cells On Board


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