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The Big Drip

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  1. Thank you for reposting an earlier blog post of yours. I came to your blog only a year ago so I did not have a chance to read your previous posts. I agree with you that the world seems to get more wicked at a faster rate. Most people today worship idols: pop stars, athletes, tech billionaires, and people who are famous for being famous. The Internet and social media have encouraged this type of nonsense.
    I wonder if you could post an article with links to your previous posts on celebs who died, who when they were alive, led sinful lives and promoted evil lifestyles – I read your posts on Bowie and Hitchens. There must be more.
    It will be a powerful antidote to celeb worship. For all their fame and fortune, many of them died from drug overdose, unhappy until the bitter end. People need to be reminded of reality.

    • I would not have a way to gather them, though, as I do not categorise my posts by “celebrities”. The search function may help.

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