Stop This Nonsense, Mr President

President Trump has just disappointed myself and every other rational thinking person by “endorsing” sexual perversion.

We knew Trump was never the Crusader in matters of sodomy; but this is a betrayal for several reasons.

Firstly, Trump knows that you cannot separate the aspect of Christianity that bring him votes from those who might actually cost two or three. This here might actually backfire, as some Christian voters, particularly in the Southern States, could actually stay home in 2020 just for this.

Secondly, it creates a disquieting image of a man ready to say what is convenient to be said, thus undermining his stance in all the issues on which he is right.

Thirdly, it cast a horrible shadow on Trump’s own personal faith. You support Jerusalem or Sodom. You can’t has both.

Shame on you, Mr President.

And build the damn wall.

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  1. A betrayal that may cost him the 2020 election

  2. Amen! Choose this day who you will serve, for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. God bless~

  3. Oops M., a glitch. This is what I intended to counter the “Gay Pride” scandalous photo-op:

    Which is it going to be, Mr Trump? You can’t have it both ways. Quit being slimy.

  4. Third to the last sentence: You can’t has both.

  5. Pius Enthusiast

    I did not vote for the president in 2016, nor will I vote for him in 2020. He is an unprincipled con artist.

    Do not bemoan his betrayals of what is good and true. None of that should be surprising. Instead, let us rejoice in what good does come from his presidency.

  6. MR. POTUS, stop promoting sexual perversion of “Culture of Death.” God and Americans are not very please with what you have done. Please confess publicly and asking for forgiveness.

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