Daily Archives: June 6, 2019

The Attack On The Seal Of Confession

An extremely dangerous movement is now underway, meant to oblige priests to violate the seal of Confession.

Do not say that this is all a posture, as paedophiles would not confess their crimes.

Firstly, they might.

Secondly, this mentality is an invitation to have priests arrested because of the evil deeds of anti-Christian activists.

Imagine your average activist perv going in the confessional with his smartphone on recording. He “confesses” a child rape, and his phone records the conversation. The priest obviously does not violate the seal of confession. The pervert goes to the police with the evidence of a crime, as the crime would consist in not reporting to the police, irrespective of the veracity of the confession.

This is likely the greatest attack brought against the Church in centuries.

Do not expect the bishops to do more than some faint meowing, and Francis to go through some obligatory lip movement before he resumes his communist propaganda.

Help us, Lord. Please help us sheep abandoned by our shepherds; though we have been culpable every step of the way, too.

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