Cardinal Cat Meows Again

And it came to pass Cardinal Burke and a couple of others released a statement repeating some obvious truths of the Church, but stopping short once again of doing what they have to do: condemn the Pope’s statements as heretical, and pose him in front of the choice between recanting those statements or being accused of pertinacious heresy.

If a teacher goes around saying that two and two is five, it does not help much if another teacher confirms that it is four. This, people know by themselves easily enough. The problem, in this case, is exactly that the teacher cannot count.

Burke & Co. keep going around the problem, and refusing to see it.

A Penny Catechism can be had for very little money. Cardinals should do more than repeating it.

The duty of Burke and the other Cardinals is to address the problem of a heretical Pope , not merely make the right noises.

Once again, it seems to me that Cardinal Burke is adopting a strategy that gives him the maximum of visibility with the minimum of risk. Not only does he fall way short of the mark. He also falls short of the standard he himself set when he first released the Dubia.

From those who appear more Catholic it is expected more. From those who wet their lips (and make themselves beautiful for it) it is expected that they whistle. From those who say they would act it is expected that they do exactly that.

What we have here, unfortunately, is merely more meowing.

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  1. Well, at least they spoke up. Nowadays that’s what heroism has come to mean. Not sure God will buy it, though.

  2. My dear Mr. M,
    How can we possibly expect Cardinals to mount a spirited opposition, organize a wild-cat council, raise money for all this while at the same time, PF removes their appointments, then their offices, stipends and finally excommunicates them??? May I remind you, Emperor Sigismund was the funder and organizer of the Council of Constance, which removed 3 sitting popes and eventually elected one new pope, Martin V. Without his military power and financial backing none of that would have been accomplished.

  3. My point, which I forgot to make, is that it must be faithful laity, supporting faithful clergy which will bring about the change that needs to be made in the Church to bring back doctrinal conformity with the true Catholic faith.

    • Well yes and no. Certainly the laity has its fault. But the ones with the duty to confirm their sheep in the truths are the shepherds first.

  4. I agree that the Cardinals and Bishops have failed in their duty to condemn the pope’s heresies in all the open letters, statements, and corrections thus far. But these efforts have served other purposes, I think. They boost the morale of the laity, who learn that there are still some clergy and theologians willing to stand up for the Faith. They are published in the Catholic press, which brings awareness of the current disunity in the Church to the average pewsitter and the CINO’s. They result in bad publicity for the humble pope and his associates, which is even noticed by the non-Catholic world. As for Francis, himself, they serve to make him angrier at those pesky Catholics who keep bothering him and slowing down his Church-wrecking agenda. Those are all good effects.

  5. I’ve spent 4 hours from 1 AM EST to 5 AM EST working on a response. To my blog… If you’d like you can respond there, here or maybe you consider your present responses sufficient. In any case several books could be written on this subject.

  6. Carmel Caruana

    Disagree. Omnia vincit veritas. Repeating the Truth is more powerful than mere splenetic denunciation.

    • On this we agree. Burke & Co. certainly repeat the truth every week at Mass. But their role goes so far beyond that that an official document that merely repeats the truth and does not address the problem is mere meowing.

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