In God We Trust

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Good news from the old U S of A.

Militant atheist have lost again. The words “in God we trust” may remain on US bills and coins.

Yes, dear, in God we Trust. Not in atheist busybodies wanting to purge every aspect of religious experience from our life, because they have death inside them.

Particularly sad is that, among the “petitioners”, there were nine children. Little souls (see what I am doing here?) conditioned to reject God from a very early age, and instrumentalised by their own bigoted parents into something they cannot well understand. But hey, who would be so cruel as to displease children?

I notice here that this extremists position is, in fact… the EU one. Our nannies in Brussels loathe every Christian expression in coins and banknotes, as our very dear brothers and sisters of the religion of peace could feel offended by it. They are doing exactly the same as the American bigots, but with the added PC slant.

As the United States keep having a common sense approach to basic life things, we in poor old Europe keep sliding towards, I am afraid, a bloody civil war one day.

And this is, my friends, because… we do not trust in God anymore.



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  1. Staten Italy Man

    Believe me, the United States is sliding towards a bloody Civil War. I suspect, however, that the bleeding will largely be done by the left side, which eschews guns as ‘icky’. The wisdom of our founding fathers is all the more apparent, as the fundamental reason for the Second Amendment was to prevent a neutered population. The states where gun control has descended are leftist and neutered. The states which embrace private gun ownership are still free.

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