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Gender Lunacy

Pope Francis has released a document negating the entire “gender identity” stuff: that is, the literally lunatic thinking according to which one who is born a man can decide that he is a woman, or a cat, or a plant, one of the three….

Do not think for a moment that Francis is “being Catholic” on this. The man is and remains a bloody heretic.

The message from the document is that gender identity is something so obviously absurd that even Pope Francis understands it. And this is a guy with a very feeble grasp on pretty much everything.

When I was at school, they made us learn the principle of non contradiction: if something is white, it cannot be black at the same time, because this would contradict its being white. This rather elementary stuff was used as a fundament of logical thinking, in the same way as simple additions like 2 + 2= 4 are in the end the basis of mathematical thinking.

The gender identity ideology is the statement that what is white can be also black at the same time (or it can be a woman whilst having men’s chromosomes). It is exactly the same as saying that two and two can be five whenever you feel like it, and take some hormones trying to change an obvious reality.

It is lunacy. Such lunacy, in fact, that not even stupid Francis falls for it.

Imagine that.

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