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The Age Of The Hippo

The obesity “epidemy” in Albion continues unabated, and for those – like me – born and bread in saner times and in a saner environment it is a shocking phenomenon to behold.

As I write this, I sit near not one, but two women whose shape I would, if I had ever seen it as a child, defined as monstrous, circus-like deformity. Both of them, surely, comfortably above 300 pounds; one surely in her Twenties, the other in her early Thirties at the maximum. Intently browsing their phones. Apparently, blissfully unaware of their own monstrous deformity.

Unless things change, these are two early graves just sitting near me. First, the knees will give way, further reducing mobility. Diabetes will soon become a real danger. In time, other organs, mostly likely the heart, will strike in protest of the abuse they are subjected; unless, again, diabetes comes first.

The issue here is not only the, no doubt, vast stupidity of the two hippos sitting near me. There is a larger, societal phenomenon at play here. The Zeppelins have been raised in an environment that constantly makes excuses for them, helping them to blame everything under the sun but the only culprits: themselves.

Where I come from, such monstrosities did not exist. Why? Because the social shame of reducing oneself in such a shape would be enough to prevent even the thought of it happening or, put it another way, because children began throwing stones and yelling insults at you in the street when you got to half that monstrous, gluttonous weight.

We live in a world where impulse control is never demanded. Be it study, food, sex, or sexual perversion, everyone is allowed by “experts” and “scientists” to do whatever he or she pleases: gettting out of school a functional illiterate, resembling a ball fish, having children out of wedlock, sleeping with people of the same sex, even deciding one is not a person of his own sex is all, nowadays, “affirmed”. What a stupid mockery of civilisation we are becoming.

The social implications of the comedic fatness of the two female elephants I am now beholding (without even having to pay the ticket at the circus; and I confess my fun at imagining them dancing to the music of Ponchielli, like the hippos in the famous scene of the first Walt Disney’s “Fantasia”) go beyond this. It is my firm persuasion that the two human tractors very likely feel, no matter how loud they protest normality, “different” and “victimised”. They also must know, at some unconfessed inner level, that they are just unable to control their impulses. They will, therefore, very likely take the side of other people like them, whom they will defend in order not to accuse themselves: perverts and failures of all sorts will be excused because “it is not their fault” and “they are just that way” (implied: “just as I am, so don’t dare to judge me”). If I want to be allowed to give unrestrained way to my impulses, I must take side with those who do the same with them. This is, by the way, the main reason why perverted priest clamour for communion for adulterers.

Discipline (of all sorts) is intrinsically conservative and right wing. Licence (of all sorts) is intrinsically subversive and left wing. Conservative minds instinctually recognise this, though they often fail to make the thought explicit, or are hindered by the “guilt” of being “judgmental”. Mind, though, that in more Christian times no-one had a problem with “judging” clearly wrong behaviour.

The de-Christianised world in which we live has written off gluttony just as it tries to write off discipline, order, and sacrifice. Everything must be reduced to the minimum common denominator of the dumbest, laziest, most gluttonous, most perverted ones. The two battleships near me, both avidly typing on their phone as I write this, are the perfect embodiment of such a society.

When this happens, everything goes down the drain: not only health but, at a deeper level, family (which requires discipline and self sacrifice) and religion (which requires exactly the same).

The defence of monstrous, morbid obesity is left wing. It is irreligious. It is subversive on all possible religious and social levels.

Make it stop.

Let’s go back to sanity in everyday stuff, and one day we will go back to sanity in the most important things.

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