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The Sheep Are Getting Angry

FrancisStooge makes a Twitter appeal for the Peter Pence.

The reaction is brutal.

I have seen angry Twitter reactions to FrancisStooges, but this is something else.

Something is changing. Slowly, the common people start to have enough of the bunch of faithless, often perverted socialists peddling to them an alternative religion.

The tweet with the empty basket at the back of the church is likely just as indicative of the current state of affairs as the deluge of tweets saying no to feeding the wrong causes with the excuse of the Church. When this happens, it is only a matter of time before the wealthy donors (UK: say, 70% of total donation revenue) start doing the same, and then it will be Red Alert all over the Catholic Planet.

Our so-called shepherds are losing face, big time; not only with the activists, the bloggers and their readers; but with the normal people in the pews. Actually, even with the normal people outside of the pews! Millions in Italy, who don’t go to church, clearly understand by now that even Matteo Salvini is far more Catholic than the Pope. In the United States, Trump has the same effect.

Clericalism works only up to a certain point. The natural deference for the shepherds evaporates when the sheep understand that they are wolves. Yes, they get a “bonus” of credibility, and it will be a while before this bonus is spent. But when it’s gone, it’s gone.

We are slowly, but surely, getting there.

I have a dream: thousands of militant Catholics, with banners of their organisations and images of the Blessed Virgin, booeing Francis at the Angelus, or when he goes around in St Peter’s Square looking for wheelchairs to be photographed with.

Alas, for that we will have to wait a tad longer. But the rage of the sheep, tired to be fleeced even as they are abandoned, is mounting.

The sheep are getting angry.

This might change the current state of affairs quite rapidly, because the wolves want the money to keep flowing in.

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