The God Argument

It is now July and, not hnprefctably, we had a couple of really warm days in good old Albion. As always, this will be occasion for another round of headline enviroterrorism.

An important talking point is, it seems to me, regularly missing in the debate concerning so-called global warming: the complete and utter godlesness of it.

An omnipotent Creator would have made the planet (and the around one billion galaxies that adorn it ) in order to be destroyed by… His Creatures going about living their lives? Without even polluting anything? He would create an environment for them, which requires that they… stop reproducing at the current rate, and actually calls for the killing of His Creatures in their mother’s womb? “Go forth, contracept and, if required, abort?” He would make a planet so unfit for purpose, that life on earth would be – ultimately – terminated through its inherent flaws rather than because of God’s decision?

An atheist might, if he is very dumb, swallow the lie whole. He will believe that the word is about to end like Asterix’ villagers believe the sky is about to fall on their head. They are merely ignorant children following the kind of superstition popular in their day and age. But a Christian? What does believing in all the “twelve years” rubbish say about his faith? If he is not smart enough to understand that all the enviroterrorism of “An Inconvenient Truth” is already 13 years old and New York and Miami are doing mighty fine, will he understand that God does not make a faulty planet?

The only conclusion I can draw is that any enviro-nutcase is simply not a Christian. He may be so shallow that he does not see his own faithlessness, but faithless is he nevertheless. The new worshippers at the altar of superstition disguised as “science” have nothing Christian in them, whatever they may believe.

Please use the God argument whenever you discuss the issue. It is a powerful one. It forces everyone thinking he is a Christian to stop and reflect.

If, after reflection, your opponent shows no change of heart, then you know that there was no Christianity in him anyway.

This “man made global warming”- hysteria is a leftist ruse to fundamentally reshape the West into an atheist, socialist utopia. It will never succeed, but it will do a lot of damage in the meantime.

Please make use of the unassailable God Argument whenever you can. You never know, the one or other might be – or get in time – less stupid than you thought.

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