The Satanic Barbecue

You ask me if I see any signs that the Vatican, under Pope Francis, is taking proper steps to address the serious issues of abuse. My answer is simple: Pope Francis himself is covering up abuse right now, as he did for McCarrick.

These are the terrible words of probably the most prestigious, credible voice today that has once worked in the Vatican: Archbishop Vigano’.

The words are part of a series of questions redacted from the interview to Vigano’ recently published by the Washington Post.

This alone gives you the state of the mass media today, considering that a comparatively small outlets like LifeSiteNews has no qualms in publishing material that has either scared the legal eagles at the WaPo or, more likely, has displeased their internal political censors.

The allegations are terrible. The first is a case of abuse of seminaries, squashed with the persecution of the whistle blower and the consecration to priest of the homosexual, long-term molester. The other one is the appointment to a very high position of a prelate from Honduras, clearly linked to the notorious Cardinal Maradiaga, notwithstanding an atrociously damning report sent to the Vatican, and of which it is completely unrealistic to think that Francis was not informed, or wanted to be informed but wasn’t.

The picture that emerges is this: the Vatican has long become a nest of homosexual, predatory vipers, whilst Francis not only looks, but encourages the process.

It is very clear that if Francis is not a closeted homosexual himself (which appears increasingly more probable, as a normal person would instinctively recoil from the contact with so many people of that sort), he is a man in a symbiotic relationship with them, keeping them afloat at all levels of the hierarchy after they propelled him to the very top in the past, and now help him to push his socialist and sacrament-destroying agenda at every step.

The extent of the evil going on in the Vatican becomes more and more terrifying as the years go by.

Clearly, our esteemed Cardinals have nothing to say against it, apart from, very likely, trying to get information to Archbishop Vigano’ in order to appease their conscience; then it seems very clear that scandals like the ones Vigano’ mentioned cannot but have reached a selected but not irrelevant number of powerful ears, before they reached him.

The smoke of Satan coming from the Vatican indicates that Satan is having a huge barbecue. Francis is there at the grill, dishing satanic steaks left and right to all those who want to eat them, and to many who wouldn’t want but, actually, do.

God bless Archbishop Vigano’: a man obviously so respected that he still manages to be a contact point for the cowardly “resistance” in the Vatican, and so uncomfortable for the powers that be that the Washington Post censors him, lest he makes Francis look too bad.


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  1. I wonder how many so called Catholic newspapers will pick up Vigano’s redacted comments?
    My guess is hardly any. Soon it should be time for the good Archbishop to update his Manifesto.

  2. catholictradition2

    Outstanding article, including the title, which perfectly describes this chastisement. God bless Archbishop Vigano. We must pray for him daily.

  3. What seems apparent is that PF, or whoever he is, is not only covering the crimes of all his sodomite buddies, but his own. If he’s not one of them, I would be very surprised. Only Catholics continue to give this man the benefit of the doubt.

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