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Of Vitriol, V II, And AR 15

A constant criticism of us who want to die in the same religion as our Catholic ancestor died is that we are”angry”, “vitriolic”, or in any other form “not nice”.

These are, I m sure, the same people who would be totally enraged at knowing that someone, who – let us say – once piddled against a tree less than a lot of feet from a school, or slept with an extremely horny and slutty 17.9 years old girl somewhere where the age of consent is 18 and was judged a “sex offender”, lives at less than very many miles from their sacred abode.

Screw forgiveness and understanding. In what matters to me, I make no prisoners.

What angers us gives a very good picture of what is important to us. If your salvation is the most important thing to you, the ravaging of your religion and the continued assault to Christian values will enrage you infinitely more than inflation, insurance prices, government inefficiency, damn inequality, damn world peace, damn so-called global warming, and even criminality and everyday security. If you don’t get why, you are reading the wrong blog and, if I were you, I would be worried for my salvation.

It’s not something we choose to do. We are angry simply because we care.

I can’t just decide to “relax” as Francis disfigures Holy Mother Church and tries to make a mockery of Her Sacraments. In order to do that, I would have to simply become another person or, actually, lose my faith!

Conversely, I have strong doubts about the faith of all those who, upon hearing of us rightfully angry faithful, focus their attention on our (justified) anger rather than on our (justified) motives for being angry.

Nor does it help to say that they “agree” with us on so many issues (who doesn’t like a beautiful Tridentine Mass?) , but that we disqualify ourselves because of our “vitriolic” attitude. The argument is self-defeating. It actually shows the total disingenuousness, or outright bad faith, or else complete inability to grasp the issue of those who make it.

Be angry, my dear reader. Let your vitriol corrode the old, rusty, fragile structure of HomoChurch. Shoot at Vatican II with the AR15 at every occasion. Let everyone listening to you feel your righteous anger! Let them feel the strength of your faith.

Niceness at all costs is for the lukewarm, the conformist, the fearful and the effeminate.

As for us, we will choose the vitriol.

Mad World

A lesbian lives with another lesbian.

They allowed to adopt a foster daughter.

The foster daughter “identifies” as a boy.

The two lesbians bitch around because they cannot send the girl to boys’ summer camp

A big network writes about them like it’s a homo magazine. 

This truly gives you the measure of how far we have come on our road towards collective madness.

It has come to the point when even TV channels with a mass audience are terrified (because I am afraid, at least in part, this is what it is) not to report about the grievances of these mental hospital tools lest the HomoNazis start a war against them, and actually report about it in a way that prevents every suspicion that they are not “feeling” for the “plight” of these satanical people.

This would have been considered utter madness only a few decades ago. It is now mainstream reading for the daily brainwashing of the gregarious, unthinking masses.

We need to put an end to this and I must say, President Trump is not doing anywhere near what he should.

Another sign, perhaps, of the madness of the times.


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