Mad World

A lesbian lives with another lesbian.

They allowed to adopt a foster daughter.

The foster daughter “identifies” as a boy.

The two lesbians bitch around because they cannot send the girl to boys’ summer camp

A big network writes about them like it’s a homo magazine. 

This truly gives you the measure of how far we have come on our road towards collective madness.

It has come to the point when even TV channels with a mass audience are terrified (because I am afraid, at least in part, this is what it is) not to report about the grievances of these mental hospital tools lest the HomoNazis start a war against them, and actually report about it in a way that prevents every suspicion that they are not “feeling” for the “plight” of these satanical people.

This would have been considered utter madness only a few decades ago. It is now mainstream reading for the daily brainwashing of the gregarious, unthinking masses.

We need to put an end to this and I must say, President Trump is not doing anywhere near what he should.

Another sign, perhaps, of the madness of the times.


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  1. Now we can see that political correctness leads to political madness—from the tolerance of unnatural behavior to its advocacy and finally to its normalization. Evidently there is no form of weirdness that is unacceptable.
    Something has happened to our society that it does have the courage to speak out in favor of normal Christian behavior? Maybe it is no longer sufficiently Christian and gets little help from our Christian leaders, in fact, often just the opposite. Perversion ain’t holy Pope Francis..

  2. Meanwhile, in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Scotland, under the Scottish Nationalist Party:
    17 year old student first suspended from school for correcting teacher in classroom that there are only two genders, then expelled for posting this recording of his conversation with teacher after he was sent out of classroom.

  3. catholictradition2

    Another result of the original denial of created reality, the personhood of the preborn child in the womb. Roe v Wade was madness itself. After that anything and everything was and is

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