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Jeffrey Epstein Show: Get The Popcorn!

The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein will show whether the US prosecutors have what it takes. I am confident it will, because a brilliant, decade-long political career can be achieved based on this alone. On the other hand, you already know the vast net of connections and, not unlikely, accomplices and enablers of Mr Epstein will do all they can to stop this investigation in its tracks.

Let us think of the Clinton Clan alone. How many times did Bill Clinton fly to “Lolita Island” on Jeffrey Epstein’s own jet? Ten? Twenty? How many other very rich and very influential people were there? Did Clinton “dip the biscuit” with the local young, or very young, women? How many illegal instances were there? Is it really thinkable that Clinton was not meant to provide political protection to Epstein, and to the other friends, in exchange for luxury treatment and sexual favours?

How young were the girls? Were there also women of age? Were they “escorts”? How could Clinton not know the exact scale of illegal behaviour that was going on there?

Boy, this will be interesting.

My take (for now) is that a billionaire with Mr Epstein’s proclivities will buy an island belonging to a nation where the age of consent is low (let us say fourteen, or fifteen). Therefore, if he went below that, he is deep into long term jail territory, and Bill Clinton might not be much better situated than him. Also, if Epstein got his girls through various organisations pimping them, he can be, and I think he is, accused of trafficking together with these organisations. Still, I would not focus on the trafficking charges. I would focus on what was going on in the island, under the lustful eyes of Mr Forty-Two himself.

It’s likely going to be a bloodbath. Epstein, who was already in jail and cannot expect any mercy, will likely sing like a canary, drawing an awful number of prominent rich Democrats down with himself. The pickings are, I think, too rich for just sweeping this under the carpet. The incorrucf press (mainly, the right wing one) will set itself in motion, and soon whistleblowing and leakings of all sorts will be underway. I honestly cannot see how this can be stopped.

It will obviously take a while, as in the case of the paedophile cover up scandals. But as in these cases, the wheel is likely too big to be stopped once it has start to roll.

Get the popcorn.

The Clinton Clan is about to fight not to get the Presidency, but to stay out of jail.

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