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Evil Clown Had It Coming

The rag Daily Mail (yes, the one with the half naked women, the dirty gossip and other low pleasures for the dumb among the working class) has an article that tries to be sympathetic to the Evil Clown, also known as Pope Francis. I also have a link to Euronews, which at least does not have the half naked women and lurid articles.

What has the man done, to deserve to be defended by such august authorities?

He has invited the faithful to pray for illegals trying to enter Italy.

The reaction was, how shall I put it, robustly Italian. Some translations:

“Enough! Please stop with this and put on another record” (this is an Italian expression, reserved to those who always talk about the same stuff)

“Later, when you have a moment between a preaching on the migrants and a sermon on the migrants, tell us something on the abused children and the destroyed families of Bibbiano” (this is a scandal about the fostering of children)

“If, perhaps, after 4 years spent only talking about migrants, you could tell us some words about Jesus, Mary, the Resurrection, the Holy Ghost, Hell, and the Gospels, I swear that we would not be offended”.

“You have broken”*. (You should be) kicked in the ass up to Avignon!”

“Go to do” **. To look at your face gives me…….” (image is cut here, I think it goes on with “nausea” or the like).

Now that we have examined the vox populi, let us dare a little sociological examination of the event.

Up to very few years ago, it would have been unthinkable that a Pope is bombarded with insults on Twitter. If this had happened, the insults would not have come from Catholics. Moreover, any insults would have been countered by an immensely strong reaction in defence of the (Catholic) Pope. In short, anti-Catholic criticisms to a Catholic Pope would not make the news.

This here is different. These tweets come from people who, Catholic or not, see in Francis just what he is: a propagandist for the destruction of Europe. Hence, the treatment reserved to people Italians do not respect (the colourful expression above) or the polite observation that a Pope should actually be Catholic.

What is happening is the brutal fact that the Evil Clown has lost face. He has lost face on a massive scale. This is not anymore a small number of Catholics enraged at the antics of the man. This is the entire Italian Nation realising what a tool he is, and not thinking that the man is worth of respect. Some of the expressions you read are reserved to people considered common muck, or nothing more than scoundrels.

The game is up. The people are angry. The tolerance threshold for a tool like Francis is getting lower.

I can see the day when he is either pelted with foul tomatoes (less probable, because the police would intervene instantly) or booed and insulted by the Catholic masses on St Peter’s Square.

He can’t say he didn’t have it coming. Sawing and reaping comes to mind.

Poor, poor Frankie: how far away the wheelchairs seem now!


* less impolite version of “you have broken our balls”, a colourful expression meaning “you are being really annoying now”.

** less impolite, shortened version of “go f@kk yourself”.

Meet The Catholic Trannie Priest

The very stupid and always obscene Daily Mail (therefore, no link) reports of a Catholic priest now deciding that he is a “she”.

I will spare you the drooling of the stupid rag, the obsessive description of the poor madman as “she”, the usual rubbish about being “trapped” in the body of another sex, and the like.

I only ask this: how could this tool be made a priest in the first place? How could it be that no one noticed his obvious deviation? Who are the people responsible for him passing the various steps of the path that leads to ordination? Will the “Catholic” press pick up on this story? 

This sad basket case is now 37: it is realistic that he was a real priest, not merely in a seminary training to become one, for 6 years. More questions arise: why has his bishop not noticed? Why has, in fact, no one noticed? The better question might actually be: who has noticed? And what happened then? 

If this was 1 April I would think this is an April Fish, but I am afraid it isn’t: it is the reality of the Catholic Church in England in the early XXI Century.

When Pius XIII becomes Pope, he will have to purge the seminaries and hierarchy in this Country like it’s Torquemada Time.

The second most disgusting thing? “Father” has now adopted a daughter. The Country is really going down the drain.

The most disgusting thing of them all? A rag with a mass audience encouraging the madness, every bit of it.

Wake up, Europe.

You have become a sad parody of the Christian continent you once were.


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