Meet The Catholic Trannie Priest

The very stupid and always obscene Daily Mail (therefore, no link) reports of a Catholic priest now deciding that he is a “she”.

I will spare you the drooling of the stupid rag, the obsessive description of the poor madman as “she”, the usual rubbish about being “trapped” in the body of another sex, and the like.

I only ask this: how could this tool be made a priest in the first place? How could it be that no one noticed his obvious deviation? Who are the people responsible for him passing the various steps of the path that leads to ordination? Will the “Catholic” press pick up on this story? 

This sad basket case is now 37: it is realistic that he was a real priest, not merely in a seminary training to become one, for 6 years. More questions arise: why has his bishop not noticed? Why has, in fact, no one noticed? The better question might actually be: who has noticed? And what happened then? 

If this was 1 April I would think this is an April Fish, but I am afraid it isn’t: it is the reality of the Catholic Church in England in the early XXI Century.

When Pius XIII becomes Pope, he will have to purge the seminaries and hierarchy in this Country like it’s Torquemada Time.

The second most disgusting thing? “Father” has now adopted a daughter. The Country is really going down the drain.

The most disgusting thing of them all? A rag with a mass audience encouraging the madness, every bit of it.

Wake up, Europe.

You have become a sad parody of the Christian continent you once were.


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  1. Maybe the bigger story is the absence of outrage, i.e, the normalization and acceptance of freakish behavior.

  2. Is it the Dail Mail or the Daily Mirror?
    What is happening to our world? A trannie priest? I expect it will want to go to a convent next; as a woman priest, Mother fantasist. I thank God that I discovered the SSPX many years ago. What an utter disaster the concilliar movement in the Church has become.

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    Went to the vile DM article. How did this piece of work become a priest. Is his teenage daughter adopted, or did he have an illegitimate biological daughter before he became a priest? As you ask, Mundabor, how was he ever accepted into a seminary?

  4. I really “waited” for something like this. The next step on the pervert’s agenda will be that a women will tell us that she is a man and wants to be ordained. The mass media will sympathize with her.

  5. I see that an Anglican “priest” is now bemoaning that he is being required to quit his “priesthood” if he “marries” his boyfriend. At least Alisha Cacace is no longer practicing his priesthood.

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