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Germany Is Becoming A Freak Control Nazi Indoctrination Apparatus


What you read here is, alas, very much in line with the thinking of too many Germans. If you don’t conform to every form of indoctrination your rulers have decided that is good for you, you should have your children taken away from you and given to the Nazi propaganda Apparatus, so that it can make good MiniNazis out of them.

I begin to suspect that either the Germans have not been bombed long enough during WWII, or else that they need to be bombed every 100 years or so, to dial their tendencies back every time they become too strong.

Be it as it may, the event is another symptom of an extremely worrying trait of the German mind; a trait I could witness very often during the years I lived there.

Kind, honest, efficient and generally of good heart, the Germans have a huge, collective shortcoming: their extreme gregariousness makes them easy pray of every evil ideology that becomes mainstream. If you don’t think like the rest of the sheep, you must be evil.

This is how Hitler’s Germany used to operate, and how Merkel’s Germany operates today. None of them really imposes the conformity to the rules on their people. The Germans are extremely good at doing it themselves.

When you understand this, you understand a lot of German history. You understand how the average Nazi German could be so kind to his neighbour, whilst considering a given that, say, Russians are Untermenschen. I thank God the Germans classed the Italians as Aryans. Had it gone the other way, I wonder whether I would have been born at all.

I make an easy prediction here. The German gregariousness, coupled with the great economic power of their Country, will cause them to be crushed again in this generation or the next; unless, that it, Muslims don’t care for it first, which I highly doubt.

Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt Genesen: “The world shall be made whole through the German way of being”.  This old slogan, often mocked nowadays, continues to live and prosper in modern times, promoted by the very people who mock the allegedly old ways of the Country. From environmental policies to economics, and from illegal immigration to sexual perversion, once the German mainstream has chosen sides, the pressure to make the others conform to the German way of doing things mounts slowly but irresistibly, until a chastisement comes that makes them think better of it… for a while.

Mind, it is not desire of domination. It is authentic thinking that what they believe is better for you. It is difficult to explain to an Anglo-Saxon or a Southern European, because they come from a different cultural environment. But live the day to day “German-ness” for a number of years and you will understand what I mean.

You might say that we have many examples of PC madness in other Countries, too, the UK being one of the most prominent. But having lived in both Countries, I can assure you that the Brits have “freedom antibodies” that the Germans simply lack.

Europe needs to defend itself from the good intentions of the Germans; one day, I think it will. Let us hope, for them and for us all, that it will not have to be through a conflict that utterly crushes them, likely curing their “German Ways” once and for all.



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