Argentina And The Phases of Francis’ Pontificate (With Bonus Final Prayer).

“You have stolen all the wheelchairs!!!”


A pretend “catholic” magazine (no link) has an article of pathetic excuses as to why Francis is so terrorised of his own people that he is not planning to visit Argentina any time soon.

In pure hack style, an entire people is insulted in order to prepare you for the news that they hate the Pope: egocentric, arrogant, bloody know-it-all is how they are introduced to you before telling you what they think of the Evil Clown. What they think is highly predictable: leftist, and “even” (on which planet do these people live!) “not Catholic enough”.

You don’t say…

These people are, obviously, uninformed, the hack hurries to let us know. They haven’t read his documents. No shit, Sherlock! As if a practical, working man had time to read the endless blabla of the Evil Clown to know what a tool he is, and his almost daily proclamations weren’t enough.

And woe one of the practical, hard working people should tell him something imprecise. It makes the entire nation uninformed, see?

At this point the attempts to defend Francis are becoming almost more ludicrous and pathetic than Francis himself. So many people have leant out of the window defending his subversive work, that they are now forced to desperate attempts at PR for a man that no PR agency in the world could ever save from ignominy. Nor does Francis understand the lesson, and tries to soften the tones or dial down his own anti-Capitalistic, anti-Catholic propaganda. No, he is just as arrogant and self-centred as the fake catholic hack accuses the Argentinians to be.

Francis’ Pontificate has had, up to now, two distinct phases.

The first is the Wheelchair Phase: basking in the approval of the masses with stupid gestures like paying for his own hotel and embracing every wheelchair in sight. This could not go on for long, because – as your humble correspondent predicted years ago – at some point the stupidity of the man would be enough to squander the immense patrimony of goodwill given to a Pope.

When this happened, you saw the other Francis, and the Pram Phase started. Uncaring of the ferocious criticism levelled at him from theologians, professors and simple people, the man reacted by increasing the frequency and the tone of his anti-catholic interventions. It is fair to say that by 2016 we were clearly in phase 2.

But this man is truly, truly stupid, and a third phase might be coming upon us soon, courtesy of his immense childishness and lack of intellect: the Amazonian Phase. In this phase, we are supposed to go looking for savages, asking them what their cult of the forest and their dialogue with the trees can teach us about God, that Christ somehow forgot to tell us. There must be, deep within the forest, a Special Revelation that wasn’t revealed to us up to now, and that we will all have to follow lest we are deemed “ossified”. What wonderful new tenets this Second Revelation will bring is easy to see already: married priests, rabid anti-Capitalism, faggotry all around, and a general understanding of sexual matters very much in line with the one of the above mentioned tree-worshipping savages.

Please, God, make the man die soon. No, not resign, because after the traumatic experience of the Three Tenors I doubt we could survive the Three Popes without extensive, collective brain damage.

Please, make him die. Repentant, if You so decree, and I wish him salvation with all my heart still. But please, make him die.

Please, make him die today.

I think many have learnt the lesson already.



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  1. “Please, make him die today.” Well said. But wait for the nightmare scenario. The next Pope could make him a saint. Hopefully, God will act before that happens.

  2. Somehow I’m wondering whether the current government might not be holding some criminal offense that can be levied against His Holiness in their back pocket in the unlikely event he shows his face on Argentine soil. Just guessing here….

  3. If he visited Argentina it seems that the numbers protesting him would exceed the droids he could corral or pay to pretend to be enthusiastic so, he probably won’t visit. They know him.\

    The man is diabolical. None of the prior labels adequately encompass his evil. He has almost single-handedly wrecked Catholicism, Christendom, and the West. An astonishing achievement, by any definition. Yes, please God, stop him soon.

  4. When he dies they will just elect another modernist.

  5. This man is not my Pope, for me this man is a shame for the Catholic Church, in fact this man has damaged the Church immensely. In all his trajectory as “Pope” he has used his position and the word of God to achieve his purposes. May God forgive me, but I believe that this man is not in his right mind. I would also like to mention that he tends to mingle in politics, so he can manipulate and influence the direction of a country. We have to be very careful, he is malevolent.

  6. kathleencooks


    And it might be worth also considering that the Argentinians that are so emphatically rejecting him that he dare not go there, are also doing so despite the “hometown boy” factor.

    It is simply human nature that we are willing to cut considerable slack for “one of our own” when they “make good.” The Poles for instance couldn’t get enough of their man JPII.

    It seems to me it makes the Argentinian action even more dramatic.

    And make their situation even more sad — what a raw deal Francis is for them — to turn what should be joyful into a bitter taste in the mouth.

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