The Leftist Woke Freak Show

The Democratic primaries for 2020 are promising to be epic fun. The field is now so vast that I doubt there is anyone who can remember all the candidates by heart. Also, the trend toward fake candidatures only meant to gain visibility, seen also in the UK, is continuing unabated.

The Two terms mayor of New York isn’t managing to get 1%, showing to the entire Country the extent of his incompetence. Fauxcahontas is getting traction. The feminist who made a career sucking whatever it was to a powerful man in California is struggling in her own, extremely woke home state. The creepy old guy who can’t stay away from girls’ hair makes one gaffe after another. The old socialist who made such a good symphaty run in 2016 is way below expectations. We now also have the nutcase Billionaire, and it will be fun to see how this pans out.

Very many of them are White and Men, two mortal sins among the activists. But pretty much all of them are so much on the left, that their candidature would have been considered a wasteful, expensive joke until 2012. Creepy Joe himself is veering to the left like there is no tomorrow, trying to stay afloat in the ocean of wokeness.

This is an ideal situation for Trump. However this ends, and if no moderate candidate dares to show up, this will be months and months of Leftist Freak Show, likely damaging in an irreparable way everyone who gets the nomination , however strong his attempts to steer a centrist image after the Democrtic Convention.

Trump will exploit this mercilessly. He will call out their leftist policies day in and day out. He will attract huge attention on himself just by mocking the nutcases. He will appear moderate compared to them. And he will, as he always does, control the narrative every step of the way.

This show is going to be fun.

Trump is just getting started.

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  1. Yes, Trump is masterful at orchestrating his opposition to commit collective suicide. And all of it done in a most entertaining way turning Democrat candidates into slapstick characters.

  2. I believe that Trump will win, and he may even win the popular vote by a sizable margin. A number of black Democratic politicians are worried that the Democratic Party’s support of illegal immigration will cost them the black vote. Unrestricted immigration has been really bad for black Americans. It has depressed their wages, and made it harder for them to get social housing and benefits. It has also suppressed wages of Mexican Americans. My dad once asked his Mexican gardener why he has not increased the gardening fee in 10 years. The gardener said that he can’t because otherwise, some new arrival from Mexico will steal his business by charging less.

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    Let’s all sit down with our popcorn for the show! Thanks, Mundabor, for summing the situation up so well.

  4. The major part of this NWO/ DNC is crumbling down, just look at the sign of the way they have been struggled desperately to overthrow POTUS Trump and opposes what Americans stand for. Very soon they will have to inform PDJT, US people and the world of their defeat. Looks like a band of evil spirits cast themselves down into a deep abyss. All is caused by God’s power that has started the rescue mission.

  5. All hell broke loose and DNC is continuously crumbling down and seems like its band of evil spirits cast themselves down into deep abyss. The falling of Democrats remind us of the convulsions of possessed and soon they will have to inform and even announce to PDJT, US patriots and the world of their defeat. Trump carries out God’s agenda. Just look at all D. party candidates, commies and jerks. God has really intervened to save this nation and the world.

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