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Planned Parenthood: Baby-Killer CEO Not Bloodthirsty Enough, Gets Fired

” I smile a lot whilst killing babies, because it’ s not political, see?”

Planned Parenthood, the giant US baby-killing machine, has decided to get rid of her CEO of 10 months (incidentally: woman, and minority; just sayin’…) because not hard enough on the baby-killing line.

Killing babies is a pure health care issue, says the not-so-good doctor.

My foot, replies Planned Babycide’s Board: killing babies is a big money machine, there are elections coming, and a lot of dough is at stake!

Therefore, the smiling baby-killer has been ousted in favour of baby-killers with a more aggressive attitude. More talk of “reproductive health”, “women’s rights”, and other dumb stuff meant to hide the brutal, atrocious reality of baby-killing is to be expected.

I welcome the development.

Planned Parenthood need to be exposed, and the best way to achieve this aim is allow the baby butchers to actually expose themselves as aggressively as they can.

Good riddance, smiling baby-killers.

Moloch wants someone even worse than you.






Francis on His Way To The Poor Church He Wants

“You stingy, bigoted, fanatic… Catholics!!”


Oh, the unintended effects of love of poverty!

In Italy, every taxpayer can decide whether to give 0.8% of his tax bill to the Church or to the Government to be spent for charitable purposes. Therefore, it is not a question of “to give or not to give”. it is merely a question of deciding the direction of certain funds.

Traditionally, the Church has had a lot of support from this. This is because there were many people, even agnostics, even atheists, who appreciated the work of the Church (in Italy rabid atheism really has no traction) and wanted to support it.

It says here that, since Francis has become Pope, the Church has lost two million “8 pro mill supporters”.


Now let us reflect a moment. Can this come from the progressive loss of faith of the Italian population? Perhaps yes, a bit. But 2 million over, let us say, 40 million taxpayers lost in six years is brutal. Also, it does not match with what I said before: the well known fact that many who are not church people and do not even believe in God chose to support the Church because they liked their work on the ground.

The answer is, I think, much simpler.

A lot of people (Catholics, or not) are getting fed up of supporting a Church that promotes illegality, the destruction of Italy’s traditional social fabric, socialism in various forms, and perversion in all forms.   

Therefore, they show Francis the longest finger they have when they have to “tick” the 8 pro mill box. Well done!

FrancisChurch must be starved. This will allow our dear FrancisPrelates and FrancisPriests to practice what they preach at least a bit, and it will show even to the most stupid among the perverts who seem to run the show nowadays that the strategy simply, and literally, does not pay.

We need to close the money tap on these people. Yes, just priests will suffer; but a good priest expects to suffer. Yes, there will be closures of some churches whose priests do a lot for the local youth; but then again, this will help to pose questions as to why this is happening.

This bubo needs to rupture. Francis must be exposed as a toxic enemy of Christ, who is perverting the Church in every aspect of Her activity. And it must be clear that the Italians, and hopefully Catholics in other Countries, are not going to stand for this.

Italians are showing, by the millions, that Francis isn’t worth of their money. Kudos to them, and let us hope that others (particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Kirchensteuer Countries) will follow the example.


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