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Pray For Luana Wen, And Mock Her Mercilessly

Pray for Luana Wen. 

By all means, do it. Heck, I am sure you pray even for Francis when you have your stomach in order.

But do not forget that we are in a fight, and in this fight the enemy is exactly Dr Wen and the people like her. 

The one or other can be converted by kindness. But Jerusalem wasn’t retaken by kindness. More importantly, the kindness should be reserved to those who deserve it (for example, because they begin to question their baby killing beliefs), not given unconditionally to every baby killing machine.

We have been losing for too long because we try to be civil, as we are attacked mercilessly. Enough.

Suddenly, Dr Wen’s refusal to include trannies in her own particular brand of aggressive, baby-killing feminism should be seen as a positive. I frankly doubt it. Similarly, it is not clear to me how having lost a baby of her own would make her in any way, shape or form more predisposed to conversion, seen that after losing her baby she found it acceptable to sit at the top of the greatest baby-killing machine in the United States.

That event doesn’t make her better. In case, it makes her more callous. Surely, the doctors carrying experiments in Auschwitz loved their children, too?

The likes of Dr Wen should – whilst we pray for their conversion – be left in no doubt as to what decent people think of them.

When the prodigal daughter comes back to the Christian household, the fat calf will be prepared for her. But for now, she is the enemy; a baby killing individual that presided over a monstrous organisation, and was kicked out of it because she was simply not political enough for them, and because her particular brand of feminism does not include the latest feminist craze.

There is a time for peace and a time for war; there is a time for kindness and a time for harshness.

Hitler deserved no kindness.

Nor does Dr Wen.



The Struggle Never Ends

There was an article somewhere around the net, minimising the effect of a repeal of Roe vs Wade, and basically sending the message that the decrease in baby killing after a repeal would likely be lower than the decrease of abortion in USA in the last 12 years or so. I would like to say my two words on this.

Wrong and right are not measured by the kilogram. Any discussion about the practical implications of a repeal of Roe vs Wade is made redundant by the fact that this repeal must come anyway, for basic reasons of civilisation alone.

Yes, it has been already pointed out that a simple repeal would, in itself, merely put the matter back to the States. But already this would mean that more than two dozen states would either immediately, or very soon after the decision, introduce a total ban. Already for this, I think the impact would be much bigger than 12 or 13% already from the start.

However, the big effect of a repeal of Roe vs Wade would be the slow, but assured change of the public attitude towards abortion. I have mentioned many times already a wise Italian saying: the laws of one generation are the morals of the following one. A repeal of Roe vs Wade would help the next generation to completely eradicate abortion from the USA as a legal practice (of course there might be some illegal one here and there; there will also be robberies and murders here and there, life never plays in absolutes). Plus, the moral pressure on European Countries would be massive, and when we get a catholic Pope again would have a devastating effect on the abortionist’s camp all over Europe.

The struggle never ends. You fight a battle at a time, knowing that after that battle others will follow. It is just the way it works.

I do not know whether we will see Roe vs Wade repealed in my lifetime, but the chances aren’t bad. What, I think, the next generation will see is, after the repeal, a declaration of the Supreme Court about the unconstitutional nature of any state law allowing abortion.  In order to do this, we need to change the hearts and mind of the nation, because it has not been seen often in the past that the Supreme Court defies the popular opinion: they upheld slavery in the time of slavery, abortion in the time of sexual licence, and so-called gay marriage in the time of sexual perversion.

We need to try to have Roe vs Wade repealed as a first, extremely important step; leverage on that to bring on our side a growing percentage of the public opinion in USA and Europe; and then push for a total ban everywhere, with many other African and Asian Countries likely preceding us on this, once they do not have to fear the sanctions of the West anymore.



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