There Is No Case For Communism, Catholic Or Otherwise


The satanic America Magazine has gone full homo with an article titled, if you can believe it, “the Catholic case for Communism”. No link.

I have perused the extremely stupid bloviations of the author of the article (may the Lord have mercy on him, though I have my doubts) and would like to make a point or three of my own in the time I have at my disposal.

  1. There is no “good communist”. Even in the case where a person might think he is moved by the desire to help the suffering world, Communism is godless at its very roots. Therefore, a person who embraces communism has been infected by the same evil. If I want the end of the suffering of the baby seal but do not believe in God, I am not good, in that I lack the fundamental ingredient of true goodness. What I have is merely… fluffy feelings. A Communist, who embraces a demonstrably evil, ideologically godless movement, is much worse than that.
  2. The desire to see the end of economic inequality is not goodness, it is envy. God has made rich and poor, and Christianity has never condemned the rich qua rich. The desire to put an end to economic disparity is, again, a godless endeavour. By the grace of God you are born rich. By the grace of God you are born poor. By the grace of God you are given those opportunities that allow you to, if you so wish, improve your condition. But always, a Christian recognises that he must not desire other people’s stuff. To all of us, God gives those graces that are good for us. We do not resent the graces given to others, we are grateful for those given to us, be they material (like financial prosperity) or immaterial (health, beauty, intelligence, resilience, inventiveness etc.). Communists are envious people first, second, third, and last.
  3.  Communists are no labourers for peace, nor are they agents of economic justice. To depict them in this way shows a complete ignorance of the root of both true peace and true justice: Christ. Communism has brought death and devastation without end. It had to be so, because a godless “religion” must perforce transform itself into a killing machine as its devotees will have all the determination of the Christian without any of God’s goodness. In Italy we had one of the most atrocious examples, as it is proven beyond doubt that, towards the end of WWII, Communist partisans killed as many anticommunist partisans as they could, in order to make a Communist revolution easier in the unstable phase that would follow the end of the conflict. Make no mistake, those partisans killing other partisans did so because they followed their godless religion, and “wanted a better world”. Come to that, you can say the same of Dr Goebbels, too…
  4.  Catholicism and Communism do not have a “complicated relationship”. They are, literally, like the devil and the holy water: totally antithetical. To even suggest otherwise indicates a total lack of faith in Christ. The continuous attempt of the article to minimise the evil of Communism and try to discover similarities is the work of the devil.

I could go on for much longer, but firstly I do not have the time, and secondly even perusing the damn article made my blood boil, so I will leave it at this.

Communism is of Satan.

Those who don’t see it are of Satan, too.


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  1. Communism is a preview of hell and a road to hell for those who embrace it. It anti-man and anti-God. It’s only purpose is to consolidate power and control the population.

  2. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    I agree with you that Communism is satanic, but let’s face it, a lot of today’s young people are ignorant and clueless. You can sin out of malice or ignorance. Stupidity doesn’t get you a total pass, but it reduces your culpability. Many young adults today were raised with their faces glued to a screen. That affects your brain and the way it works. I think the Lord gave us the emphasis on Divine Mercy because we need it so badly. So we bloggers try to educate, but it’s an uphill battle since so many have so little in their head to think about. It’s too filled with images of sex and violence, not to mention nonsense, that the devil uses against them. May God give us the grace to persevere in the face of so many evils.

    • I honestly think the youth of today have much more opportunities to form a right vision of the world than, say, the poor peasant born somewhere in the Basilicata in 1913, condemned to poverty and ignorance way more than anyone is today. Those were much easier preys. When a youth has access to the internet, he has no excuses.

  3. I perused it quickly, it is too frustrating at this point and I’m learning to limit my exposure to such things. I did notice the writer blamed white people for slavery, which fits tidily into the multiculturalist ideology that says all white people are devils and all white cultures are evil and should be replaced by angels from any culture of brown or black people, which are perfect cultures free of evil.
    That explains Europe and the Great Replacement.
    We have arrived at a point where there is no further reason for Satan to hide.
    He has his man who will provide cover.

  4. Thanks for this good article about Lucifer’s right hand tool. Any race has its own evil people and one thing has to be clear that Communism and Catholicism are never compatible, just like darkness vs Light. Communist has no relationship with God, but Catholic does. Communism is Satan, only hatred, no love.

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