Daily Archives: July 29, 2019

Pray For Boris

Good news these last days as President Trump got a huge victory on the Wall and the Brexit climate has changed dramatically in just a few days. It is as if all that has gone wrong in three yours could largely be righted in the next year or so.

We need not to forget that heads of state can be helped to do their job if our helped, a part of the providential plan for them, inspire them to make the right decisions.

Trump and, even more so, Johnson face insidious months and difficult decisions. Please, in your charity, pray that they might be guided to do the right thing. Both of them, but Johnson is the one in the particularly difficult spot right now.

God knows they are not perfect (believe me, Boris is worse than Trump) , but these are the people God has given us to work with.

My rosary today is for BoJo.

I invite you to follow my example.

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