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There is an article on wnd about suicide and the attitude of Californians about it.

The article seems, to me, confused, and missing an important point.

It is confused, because the author claims that everybody who wants to commit suicide should be free to do so, in his own time. But every Christian knows that this is an extremely nebulous vision of life.

Our life isn’t ours, it belongs to God. We have no right to take it. Similarly, it is the duty of every government to do God’s work and prevent such behaviour. Legislation making of attempted suicide a crime (and, which is perfectly right and logical, of suicide itself, though in this case the enforcement chances seem… slim) serves exactly this purpose: to remind everyone that life is bigger than both the individual and his governing authorities.

In addition to this, the article misses one important point: the corruption clearly pervading public works in the US and in many other parts of the US.

$220 million for a protective net under a bridge? Are you kidding me? How many minority consultants, gender equality consultants, consultants’ consultants is this going to pay for? How much of this money will find its way in generous donations, from the companies contracted with works and materials, to charities and institutions linked to the Democratic party? Is there a sane person thinking that this is not going to feed the party apparatus in thousand legal and, who knows, a couple of illegals ways?

It would be nice to ask a public comptroller (or any public expense watchdog) in, say, Texas, how much such works would cost to them. I am pretty sure the differences in, say, security legislation, contracting procedures, and the like, would be staggering. Yes, San Francisco is an expensive tarmac to do anything. No, I don’t buy it anyway.

Always going on with the comparison, one would ask for how many orphanages, and how many little orphans, would such a budget provide. “An awful lot, for an awfully long time” is the answer. A State government that considers abortion a sort of religious tenet does not want to spend (as it is clear that in California this would be a public task, too) for the children that would result from banning abortion. Instead, it prefers to kill the babies and spend untold sums of money to let the suicides created by a godless suicide get rid of themselves… somewhere else.

Money spent? $220,000,000 if everything goes according to plan.

Lives saved? Zippo.

Congratulations, Californians. And keep paying those taxes. The Democrats need them to feed off of them.


P.s. It would be nice to see what happens if people jump and land on the net below.

Cost of rescue per wannabe suicide? Likely, 1 million a pop…..


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