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The Charge Of The Purple Clowns

Attorney General William Barr announced a few days ago that federal executions will be resumed in a matter of months. Predictably, ouf heretic Bishops went into heretical meltdown mode.

You all know what the depositum fidei teaches on this, and how Francis playing with catechisms does not change iota unum about what the Church teaches. Therefore, I will leave this part aside and move to more interesting considerations.

After decades of tasteless platitudes, our Bishops have made themselves utterly irrelevant. No one listens to them, because no one respects them. No one respects them because, as individuals, they normally do not deserve any respect.

Therefore, their whining and meowing about Barr will be, like all the rest of what they say, ignored by the public at large, shifting between 0 and 12 voters nationwide in the run to the 2020 election.

I truly hope that Capital Punishment will figure among the 2020 issues as prominently as the Wall did in 2016. That time, both the Evil Clown and a troop of irrelevant bishops thundered against Trump and his wall, with the result that… Latinos voted Republican in record numbers. This time, renewed attention for Capital Punshment will help to expose them as heretical buffoons who really only get anything right concerning Catholic doctrine if it’s not controversial, or else by mistake.

Go on and defy them all, AG Barr. Let’s see if the Bishops make of this the subject of constant meowing in 2020.

It will deliver Florida to Trump by 200,000 votes.

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