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1984 2.0?

I have not watched the Democrats’ debates on TV, but I have followed them close enough.

My impression is that they are toast.

The drift to the left is so evident, that even Bernie Sanders does not stand out anymore like a blue dog. Rather, there are some clearly determined to out-Bernie him, like mega loser De Blasio. Not really thinkable until some years ago.

If the Country had been shifting to the Left as a whole, I would be slightly worried. But the fact is, if anything the Country is slowly veering to the Right, as several indicators are pointing out (Trump gaining traction among Blacks and Latinos, and Generation Z clearly shaping as a leftist’s nightmare).

This is a race to impress the wrong crowd. He who wins them is guaranteed to lose in November 2020, because at this point , and with the partial exception of Creepy Joe, there is no more disqualifying fact for the White House than having been selected as the Democratic Candidate by the bunch of activists that everyone has been courting up to now.

The best case (the selection of Harris, Sanders or Warren) will create another McGovern situation. The less best case (the selection of Biden) will put Trump in front of a candidate he can, and will, eat for breakfast, particularly after this candidate has veered to the left to secure the nomination in the first place. If it’s not McGovern, it will be Mondale.

All this is being observed by those, among our adversaries, who still have a head on their shoulders. But they have no guts to openly challenge the Socialist Mob, lest they be branded traitors and Trump’s fifth columns forever. There is, therefore, currently no way for the Baby Killers to get out of the hole they have digged for themselves.

Granted, as the convention gets nearer and has passed, we will see more moderate tones in a desperate, late attempt to lure the sane and the normal. But months of insanity will not be forgotten, and even Creepy Joe will find it very difficult to flip-flop again.

It we keep White House and Senate, it will be eight years of Judicial Appointments Party. Already that will repair a good part of the US and, God willing, pave the way for the end of legal baby killing.

We are, I think, about to witness another 1972, or another 1984.

Libtards don’t “do” history.

They keep making the same mistakes again and again.

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