Give Them That Sinking Feeling

Forget the motives of the shooters in El Paso and Dayton for now. Forget that the Dayton guy was an extreme leftist with Satanist tendencies and (unsurprisingly) a supporter of Fauxcahontas Warren. Forget the circumstances and the surrounding noise.

Focus on freedom.

Make of these tragic events as many occasions for a renewed, vocal defence of American freedoms. Go on discussion fora, on the comment section of online magazines, on your Facebook page and Twitter account if you still have one, and defend the uniquely precious American freedoms and your God-given right to arms.

The enemies of freedom never get tired to attack the Second Amendment. You should never get tired to defend it.

Nor does it matter that we are winning. We are winning for now. We must consolidate the progress made and ingrain it in the national discourse, so that when – unavoidably – the next Democrat is elected President, he will not even think of attacking sacrosanct, God-given freedoms.

Start your counteroffensive now. Don’t even wait for the snowflake hysteria to get near your social media presence. Go on the offensive first. Show the Lefties that you are part of an army of Freedom Fighters ready to fight every time, all the time.

Let us make of every tragedy a renewed, assertive, prolonged defence and celebration of the Second Amendment, so that the enemies of the American Freedoms experience that sinking feeling of having lost before they even start the fight.

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  1. Yes, a good offense is the best defense. If some of the folks at these tragic events had been carrying a firearm chances the outcome would have been far better.

  2. The Profound Left control the Old Big 3 Networks with Propaganda being transmitted in both Entertainment & News.
    Time to starve these clowns, bigly.

  3. It is a shame that there was not a shopper in that El Paso store who was carrying a weapon, or maybe two or three armed shoppers. The killer’s rampage would have likely ended sooner. The unfortunate news not mentioned much today is that Chicago had more shootings than the two combined single-shooter incidents: 55 shootings on the weekend alone in Chicago. The nearest trauma hospital had to turn away ambulances. I wonder if the hospital staff in Chicago get combat pay. It is hard work caring for war victims.

  4. Hi M.

    I believe you encourage us Yanks to eschew the Daily Mail. Recently The American Catholic says the only way for Americans to learn inconvenient truths is to go to the foreign press. Yes, the Mail is tawdry but they call ‘em as they see ‘em. The account of the El Paso assailant’s childhood is heartbreaking. It certainly does not fit the Leftist narrative.

    Hat tip to Canon 212 on August 7th for roviding link to The American Catholic.

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