Attacking The Church Via Confessional, Whilst The Bishops Stay Silent

If I go to a confessional and confess, in private, a crime I have not committed, I am not committing a crime.

If, therefore, I go into the confessional with the recorder on my iPhone switched on, and confess my “crime” of child abuse loud enough to make it recognisable on the recorder, I can then go to the police and say that I am a concerned citizen reporting that the priest has not, as required by law, reported a crime of child abuse of which he became aware in the confessional. It would be more complicated than that (I would still have to record the priest’s voice , in such detail as to make it clear that this is, in fact, a confession) but you can imagine in what trouble I would put the priest.

Why would I do this, you may ask? Because I am a sodomite, or an atheist activist, that’s why. Risks to me? Zero, and the applause of my peers. Risk for Christianity? De facto eradication of the Catholic Church from the entire Country once the “reporting” becomes (which it well might) a popular sport among the above mentioned groups.

Every legislation which imposes an obligation to report in any way, shape or form what happens to the confessional is a direct, open, head on attack on the Catholic Church.

That there should be bishops who show any kind of opening or collaboration in this matter should be of deepest concern for every Catholic and every other bishop. It is, in fact, the duty of every Bishop to vocally denounce and demand the immediate removal of any bishop who signals any kind of collaboration with the preparation of such legislative measures, much less approves of them.

In fact, much more than this should be happening. There should be a worldwide outcry against the measures now in preparation in Australia and elsewhere. This should be made such a deafening issue that no-one, be he a journalist, a politician or a lawyer, can pretend to ignore it.

Are there laws forcing Muslims to eat pork? Why are there laws forcing a priest to violate the seal of confession?

This is serious, and can easily become the Trojan Horse to bring an unprecedented legal attack on Christianity, that would have almost the same violence as the open persecutions, but made in a way that makes it seem “reasonable” and even “democratic”.

We must react to this now. If you are Australian, write to your legislator, local and national newspaper, and your own bishop expressing your deepest concern for this assault on Catholicism. It will be a good way to know whether all these people are fully sold to Satan already.

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  1. Yes, all should be done to crush legislation undermining the sacrament of Confession. We should also demand to hear Pope Francis speak out against it In the meantime it might be wise for Confessors in Australia to conceal their identity as far as possible..

  2. May have to go to the face to face confessional, although I would think that would cause a lot more people to skip the sacrament. Grrr!

  3. Rallentanda Goossens

    Australia has always been an anti Catholic country from colonial times. As evident from the Cardinal Pell parody of a trial and the government’s insistence on breaking of the seal of the confessional,it is obvious there are powerful forces at work whose main objective is to eradicate Catholicism. For survival reasons Catholics are forced ,and have been doing so for many years, to keep their religious convictions secret for fear of negative consequences, in particular with regard to job opportunites, Unless you are working for a Catholic institution you always keep quiet about being a practising Catholic .If you are a Catholic who has become rabidly anti Catholic then that is seen as being enlightened. A good thing that may take you places. Living here is sort of like like living in Nazi Germany without the jackboots, uniforms and sig heils …the same movie set on white sandy beaches with blue skies. Probably more sinister than the real thing.

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