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National… What???

Rubens, Assumption of the Virgin.


I use Classic FM to wake up in the morning. Then I switch off the radio before the dreaded news – which are more to the left than the BBC – cause a very unhealthy adrenaline surge first thing in the morning.

Today, they were faster.

The guy at Classic FM, intent in the usual blabla between two pieces of music, informed me that today is…. National Relaxation Day.

Er, no.

Today is the Feast of the Assumption.

The way the secular culture tries to undermine every aspect of Christianity in general and of Catholicism in particular has become so brazen, I expect Christmas Day to be declared National Skiing Day any time soon.

They want a world that treats the religious phenomenon – when they are absolutely forced to acknowledge it – as a fairy tale for children. But they would actually prefer to just ignore it, pretending it does not exist.

The Feast of the Assumption should deserve national attention exactly because it is a very important feast of the religion that shaped our world. The cultural aspect of the Christian religion should be honoured as the matrix of our own civilisation even by those who do not share the belief. To wilfully undermine this is a sign not even of indifference, but of enmity towards the Christian religion.

My early morning adrenaline surge was, however, tempered by this: the knowledge that God in heaven sees all, and will demand an account for everything.

Let us not, therefore, ruin our day thinking of all those who seek to undermine Christ left and right. They will have their reward.

A glorious Feast of the Assumption to all my readers.



I note now that Google has today, above the search line, “Louisa Aldrich-Blake 154th birthday”.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum….




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