The Shaman “Blesses” The Nun: The Amazon Synod Is Satan’s Work

A non-catholic publication has a non-catholic article about the Amazon Synod. No link, obviously.

The picture, however, says it all.

The caption: “Isidoro Jajoy, a shaman from Colombia’s Inga tribe, blesses people in Bogota Aug. 14, 2019, during a preparatory meeting for the October Synod of Bishops for the Amazon. (CNS/Manuel Rueda)”

Very near to the “shaman” is what can only be a nun, in a reverent gesture as she is receiving the so-called “blessing” from multi-coloured Isidoro.

My take is that all the present, including the nun, are Catholics ready and willing to have a representative of some savage cult – who, in order to remove all doubt, is also dressed like a savage –  give them some sort of “blessing” in order to experience the alleged connection with the earth of the cult of the savages, or something of the sort.

It is too appalling for words, and no polite words can really describe the prostitution of Christianity that is happening here, and which the nun in the foreground so crudely and shamelessly represents.

These people are selling our religion to the cult of earth, the approval of the world, and the rituals of savages. They are led by a number of bishops, and you can be assured that neither the nun, nor the other present, nor the bishop or bishops at the event will offer any apology for this act of implicit apostasy – or, at best, religious synchretism – that comes from thinking that a savage cult can improve Catholicism in any way, shape or form. And may their ignorance be a partial excuse for the uninstructed people out there – some of whom might simply not realise the meaning of what they are doing – the nun and the bishops certainly do not have any.

I’ll put in a polite way.

Where is the Inquisition when you need them….?



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  1. Here we have a collapse, surrender and reverse of Catholic missionary zeal where the so-called Bishop “apostles” come to be converted to animism and pantheism. Let us pray to
    St. Isaac Jogues, S.J for all concerned.

  2. John Paul II was blessed by pagan Indians during a visit he made to Canada. Takes some of the guilt from this poor, goofy nun.

  3. This was started with Assisi, when St John Paul 2 allowed shamens to do their rituals in a Catholic Church,, not to mention Buddha been placed on the Tabernacle.A statue of Our Lady of Fatima was banned from entering the Church, a Dominican arrested for objecting. Its gone so far now only Divine intervention can remedy it.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Shocking but true in the “Church of Poop Fransoros.”

  5. I am not surprised but I am utterly appalled.

  6. In Ezekial 16, the Lord castigates His Chosen people, but the words apply today in regard to His church (the new Chosen) which now lays supine before the false religions:

    “Adulterous wife, taking strangers in place of her husband! Prostitutes usually receive gifts. But you bestowed gifts on all your lovers, bribing them to come to you for prostitution from every side. Thus in your prostitution you were different from any other woman. No one solicited you for prostitution. Instead, you yourself offered payment; what a reversal!”

  7. John J. Marren, Jr.

    ” Where is the Inquisition when you need them?”

    Mundy…is that a rhetorical question or do you want the real skinny???

    BTW….I’m gleaning from the content and tenor of your posts that it would be best for you to stop attending the Novus Ordo Mass and seek out/attend a Mass celebrated in accordance with a pre-Vatican II missal.

    It would do you a world of good…and your blog would really start to sparkle!

  8. Goofy Bondesen

    This is a good question, where is the inquisition when you need it. With the current state of affairs the shaman’s blessings are probably equally effective as the pope’s with his apostolic succession and all. It appears to me that he had no interest in Christian truth and he is on his way to form a new one world religion teaming up with shaman’s and being friendly with Muslim Imams who mock Christ even more than the Catholics.

  9. In Colombia, the bishops and nuns let themselves be conjured by a shaman in preparation for the A-masonic synod. Those responsible for this act of public apostasy, which allowed this pagan ritual are Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his main accomplices, the Pro Gay Pedro Ricardo Barreto Jimeno vice president of the Pan-Amazonian church Network, or REPAM and The apostate Bishop Joaquin Pinzon Guiza of Puerto Leguizamo-Solano.

  10. Another of the main participants in the pagan ritual was the Apostate Oscar Urbina Ortega, Archbishop of Villavicencio and President of the Episcopal Conference.

  11. Teutonic Warrior

    Shameful compromise to pagan false religion. The Novus Ordo religion needs to repent and stop this sacrilegious, and sinful behavior.

  12. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    I had to laugh when I read this part of your comment “a representative of some savage cult – who, in order to remove all doubt, is also dressed like a savage.” I actually thought his poncho looked like some of the vestments I see in Church. Maybe he’s dressed for the “advent” of the “new church” on the “new path.”

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