When Your Bishop Is Your First Enemy

The Remnant has an excellent article from Michael Matt about the necessity to “unite the clans” and stop demanding total frontal attack from everybody. I found the article so convincing that I would like to touch on something that has been touched upon on this blog a couple of times, but is, I think, worth repeating.

It is a sad reality of the Novus Ordo Church that, if you want to be a priest as God intended, your Bishop will be your first enemy. With the exception of a few fortunate cases, here in the West it is fair to say that a Priest who want to say it as it is concerning a lot of stuff (say: from sodomy to concubinage, and from drug addiction to more common forms of gluttony) would see the usual old harridans and badly lived men complaining to the Bishop for the “insensitive” world, who have caused such a grave shock to their niece Shoshana, who lives in sin with her “fiance”, or their nephew Dawn, who has discovered that God has made her lesbian, and who is father to judge and be oh, oh, oh so cruel?

Woe to the priest daring to, actually, be unapologetically Catholic about this. If his Bishop doesn’t silence, or punish the priest because the Bishop himself is a liberal, or a flaming queen, he will do it because he is, himself, terrified of the liberals, and flaming queens, over his head. You have read how this ends too many times to doubt the veracity of this.

It is sad, but accurate to say that a good Catholic priest is now forced to live in hiding from all the people who can easily destroy him, starting from his Bishop. I see these priests now and then, and I listen to their homilies with the utmost attention. You can literally draw a line in the homily when the priest thought “more than this, and it will be dangerous”. And when the good priest is gone, who will care – in all the ways he can – for the souls of the parishioners?

It is bad. I have often the impression that all too often, the best a priest can do is to build his homily around principles which the Pewsitters have to know, without mentioning them explicitly. Because if you do, you are too obviously a Catholic, and there will be people in your very church (if not today, tomorrow or in three years) bent on your destruction. It is as if the homily were a minefield, and the principles of the Depositum Fidei as many land mines. The priest needs to go from the one side of the field to the other, without touching any of the landmines but still making clear what the direction has to be.

I do not envy these priests, or the blogger priests, of which I have read several that are really engaged, but predictably prudent.

I do, however, draw a line at the Bishop. The Bishop is the one on which the entire diocese hinges. The Bishop is a successor of the Apostles. The Bishop is the one upon which the denunciation of heresy primarily depends. The buck clearly stops there.

Also, think of the numbers. Priests can be neutralised by the thousands without the world really noticing. Two dozen bishops out of many thousands ready to fight the fight would cause an earthquake, one or two hundred of them and Francis would very possibly not survive it (hint: Bishops are, in their great numbers, cowards. When they see the tide going the other way, countless of them would run to defend the… winner).

When you hear the next “I would like to say more” homily (they are easily recognisable, because the homily is still entirely orthodox and hints at a strong Catholic content, which is never delivered), say a Hail Mary for the poor priest, that he may be put in the position to give better spiritual food to his sheep.





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  1. catholictradition2

    Thank you, from the mother of a traditional priest.

  2. Is it a sin for me to envy you for having access to these “I wish I could say more” sermons? More likely where I come from it is a suburban pastor at a Novo Ordo-exclusive parish preaching “gay marriage is a matter of equal rights”. Yes, that really was preached and a complaint to the bishop yielded zilch. If it’s not something shocking like that it’s a Polish or African priest droning on unintelligibly with kindergarten level catechesis.

  3. Thank you for your support of Michael Matt. He is absolutely correct; it is utter madness for all those concerned with trying to reclaim the glorious Church we loved, to waste their time taking snide shots at each other.
    You have described the plight of the good N.O. priest perfectly. He is walking a mine-field with his greatest enemy, the bishop from whom he gets his Faculties. His second worst enemy are the phalanx of loud, tough women who have taken over the Sanctuary.
    Good for you, Mundabor. Every man, who is a man and speaks like a man, esteems you; you are the equivalent of a great football hero and Australians like Italians love their football.

  4. Agree. V2 bishops carefully picked by the modernist mafia in the Vatican and around the globe since 1968 have run down the Catholic faith to the point where for 90 percent of the world the faith is a subject of indifference or contempt. This is their legacy. Our legacy is the the anemic response to their malfeasance. The anguish we are suffering now is God’s justice for our inaction. As St Augustine wrote “we stand before You Lord as shameless criminals we know that unless Thou pardon we shall deservedly perish. “

  5. Joseph De Clue

    Our Lord promised that the Church would perdure ‘till the end of time. The pope will not keep the faith and neither will the bishops. Where is the Church? Where is the Faith?
    The Church and the Faith have to be with those of the laity who hold fast to Catholic teaching without compromise. There are also priests, old and young, who are sick of the newchurch and reject Vatican II and the newmass. Now it is down to the laity as individuals to find them and support them.
    I have seen this with my own eyes. A good priest goes along, reluctantly, with all the novelties that his superior imposes until, for example, communion in the hand is introduced. The Good priest knows that this is a sacrilege. He refuses. His religious order, or his bishop withdraws support and the priest is left with no employment, no pension, no insurance and no income.
    No, he does not starve to death on the street. The faithful priest has faithful friends. They take him in. He gives them the sacraments. He is now free to say the old mass. His friends tell others, who come to hear the traditional mass. A parish organically springs up. Now they have to rent a hall in which to hold mass. Donations increase. The parishioners buy a building suitable for a chapel. It is dedicated and decorated with the castoff traditional statues and ornaments from the NO churches. Other priests, disgusted with the church of novelty are attracted and come to help. Now there is a thriving parish, right under the nose of the modernist bishop, who can do absolutely nothing about it.
    We have a right to our Latin rite. The priests have an obligation to give us the sacraments in our traditional Latin rite. These priests exist, and will be with us to the end of time. Go talk to priests, find out who is orthodox and help them to help us. This is how we can save our souls, the souls of others, and the Holy Catholic Church.

  6. Yes … Joseph has got it right. We want you holy priests ,… we will help you … please let us

    • Yes X2, except what happens when the good priest has some of his faculties removed by the bishop????!!!! I double down on prayers for the priest and, reluctantly, for the bishop, which, I guess is pleasing to God. Lord have mercy.

    • Are there never extenuating circumstances when that doesn’t work for a bad Bishop? We’ll never know , will we? Never before in our history has it been so! Yes, Lord have mercy on us. We can still take in the good priests. God will provide in His mercy.

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