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Italy, Myopic Decisions, And The Rosary

It has always been the praxis of smart Italian politicians to look at where the wind is blowing before taking momentous decisions. This wise habit has been thrown out of the window in the last days.

The decision of Five Star Movement and Democratic Party to form a coalition and keep out the Lega achieves two results: they get to stay, or get, in power and they avoid new elections that would have seen them punished. But it is highly likely that this decision will prove very myopic.

The Lega is flying very high in the popular opinion. They went to power with (if memory serves) 18% of the popular vote, smashed the 30% threshold at the European Elections early this year and are now polling at a barely believable 39%. They are on the rise whilst being in power, they will rise even higher now that they are not burdened with the responsibilities and difficult decisions of being in power.

The new coalition is an unnatural one, but they have one thing in common: they hate all the Lega stands for and which made it so popular.

So, what will they do now? If they pursue a pro EU, pro illegals policy they will shoot themselves in the head in 2022 at the latest (I think few believe we will have to wait as long as that). If they try a more moderate course, and – for example – steer a hard policy towards illegals, the people will conclude that the Lega can do it all much better. It’s a lose-lose.

Plus, there is the angering of the voting masses, who see themselves deprived of elections clearly necessary to realign Parliament with the political climate out there.

Democratic Party and Five Star Movement have chosen the power drunkenness today, uncaring for the massive hangover tomorrow. Everything indicates that they are going to pay a heavy price for this.

Matteo Salvini has consecrated the Country to the Blessed Virgin and often invites to pray her for the achievement of the Country’s goals. Please follow his advice and ask the Blessed Virgin to intercede with Our Lord so that my beloved Country may, one day soon, again march toward sanity.

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