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On Uniting The Clans, Again

I read more articles about the Unite The Clans movement. This is something I find natural in principle and, actually, would seem unquestionable in a logical perspective.

You have noticed that this blog is very hesitant in engaging in personal battles with other Catholic blogs.

For example (and it is just the most egregious), years ago a blogger attacked me openly on his own blog. I took note of those who commented approvingly of his blog post and banned them from mine, both themselves as commenters and all blog posts written by them on their blogs. I also proceeded to permanently exclude said blogs from mine, refusing to link to it when links appeared in comments. I wrote a post about the event, but did not name names.

My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. However, I did not engage in any crusade, not wanting to give our enemies the satisfaction of seeing Catholics attack each other in public.

Besides, I remember the two guys who, after having smeared me with their comment on that other blog, then proceeded to write an approving comment on a blog post of mine, on the same day, before noticing they had both been banned. This stupid and hypocritical behaviour is, in fact, a part of the problem, as there seems to be people who actually like to feed controversy, provided they can see their nickname in print, or can promote their own blog. The infighting is, in fact, not only a problem of angry bloggers. It is also a problem of eager cheerleaders.

I try to do the same with the squabbles I see on the Internet. When a fake Catholic publication attacked a true Catholic one, I have openly defended the true one, because in this case I do not consider the fake publication a part of the Catholic world. If two good Catholics offend each other, I tend to simply stay out of it.

Some controversies I simply do not recognise as such. I refuse to think that the FSSP priests want the SSPX dead, or are its enemies in any way, shape or form. I am firmly on the side of the SSPX, but I would consider myself blessed if I had a V II traditionalist institute near me. I am persuaded that most SSPX priests think highly of the FSSP ones, and vice versa. I am also persuaded that every good priest of any such organisation would, at least in private, suggest to me that I attend Mass by the other rather than going to the happy-clappy V II one.

I am, also, persuaded that most Traditionalists, and every soundly thinking Catholics, understand that Francis, not the SSPX or the FSSP, is the problem.

Uniting the Clan cannot be a centralised movement, by which someone with a prestigious blog indicates the movement’s direction and all others follow his instructions. It does not work this way, because blogging is a different exercise. I, like everybody else, would not allow anyone to tell me what I want to write about, in which terms, and with which tones.

But what can – and, I think, should – be done is a reflection on the effect that internal disagreements – I mean by this disagreements among bona fide Catholics – have on those who have started to timidly follow the movement and are there, fascinated, learning little by little, slowly understanding the wonderful world of true Catholicism (I was, once, one of them; and my ignorance was utterly appalling, besides being clearly culpable).

They should, ideally, see that whilst we have disagreement like everybody else, we try to deal with the disagreement among ourselves in a different manner. Not condoning, and neither being a doormats nor a sanctimonious bitch. But simply sending a clear message that this controversy is dealt differently because we do things differently. 

I think this would be enough, because we are all humans and we are all angry – and rightly so – when our integrity is questioned.




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