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The Apocalypse In Instalments

The Evil Clown has just announced his next batch of FrancisCardinals and they are, predictably, atrocious. Most notable are two homosexualists, and very possibly present or past sodomites. One has written the foreword for the notorious book of Father Martina himself.

Let that sink in.

Francis is continuing his work of destruction of everything that he can destroy. The man is of Satan. He could come to this point because there were no bishops and Cardinals willing to stand up to him with more than faint meowing and vain posturing.

Honestly, looking at the average person who, today, professes himself a Catholic, I am tempted to say that he deserves Francis and his cardinals.

Enjoy the ride, Pollyannas all over the world, and apostles of the “sweet Peter on earth” mantra as the man showed that he despises them and everything that is Catholic.

Congratulations, Cardinal Burke & Co. Your empty virtue signalling has now virtually – bar Divine intervention – guaranteed us a closeted homosexual Francis II, an openly homosexual Francis III and, who knows, a gender fluid Francis IV.

Have fun, sanctimonious old women in the sanctuary. Your nephews are being given to rapacious perverted priests to have their Catholicism, their innocence, perhaps their very physical safety endangered.

Catholics who think they can pick and choose what they believe have not deserved a Catholic Pope. They deserve both Francis anc his damn cardinals. Let us see how they keep enjoying this clown and his satanic successors. It will get worse before it gets better.

If Francis had been openly challenged by even a handful of Cardinals, this would not have happened. The witness of Catholicism would have been too strong for a bunch of homos and, in time, the tepid and silent majority would have sided with the winners. A little light dispels a lot of darkness.

But there was no witness for truth, only a tiny bunch of vain men trying to look beautiful with orthodox faithful whilst taking care nothing happened to themselves. May the Lord have mercy on them. If there is no witness for truth, it is not surprising that the lie keeps progressing inside the Church.

We will, unless a miracle happen, all die in what is now most surely, most surely the gravest crisis in the Church, ever. Worst than Diocletian, Luther, or even the Arians.

But know this: an omnipotent Lord has already decreed, from all eternity, who are the Elect and the Reprobates. Neither Father Martina, nor Pope Francis, nor Satan himself can change a iota in that. All this work of destruction is, ultimately, the deceivers only fooling those who want to be deceived. Sure, it appears evident that in this age far more Reprobates are born than in the sane ages of the past. But again, they are Reprobates because of their own blindness allowed by God, not because Francis or any of his perverted accomplices can take away one single soul from the happiness appointed for it.

In a way, this is the Apocalypse, and one that will go long until we are likely all in our graves. In another way, all this evil work is, ultimately, impotent against God’s will, as the work of the devil ever was.

There will be wailing, and gnashing of teeth. And a lot of Bishops and Cardinals will be part of it.

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