The Apocalypse In Instalments

The Evil Clown has just announced his next batch of FrancisCardinals and they are, predictably, atrocious. Most notable are two homosexualists, and very possibly present or past sodomites. One has written the foreword for the notorious book of Father Martina himself.

Let that sink in.

Francis is continuing his work of destruction of everything that he can destroy. The man is of Satan. He could come to this point because there were no bishops and Cardinals willing to stand up to him with more than faint meowing and vain posturing.

Honestly, looking at the average person who, today, professes himself a Catholic, I am tempted to say that he deserves Francis and his cardinals.

Enjoy the ride, Pollyannas all over the world, and apostles of the “sweet Peter on earth” mantra as the man showed that he despises them and everything that is Catholic.

Congratulations, Cardinal Burke & Co. Your empty virtue signalling has now virtually – bar Divine intervention – guaranteed us a closeted homosexual Francis II, an openly homosexual Francis III and, who knows, a gender fluid Francis IV.

Have fun, sanctimonious old women in the sanctuary. Your nephews are being given to rapacious perverted priests to have their Catholicism, their innocence, perhaps their very physical safety endangered.

Catholics who think they can pick and choose what they believe have not deserved a Catholic Pope. They deserve both Francis anc his damn cardinals. Let us see how they keep enjoying this clown and his satanic successors. It will get worse before it gets better.

If Francis had been openly challenged by even a handful of Cardinals, this would not have happened. The witness of Catholicism would have been too strong for a bunch of homos and, in time, the tepid and silent majority would have sided with the winners. A little light dispels a lot of darkness.

But there was no witness for truth, only a tiny bunch of vain men trying to look beautiful with orthodox faithful whilst taking care nothing happened to themselves. May the Lord have mercy on them. If there is no witness for truth, it is not surprising that the lie keeps progressing inside the Church.

We will, unless a miracle happen, all die in what is now most surely, most surely the gravest crisis in the Church, ever. Worst than Diocletian, Luther, or even the Arians.

But know this: an omnipotent Lord has already decreed, from all eternity, who are the Elect and the Reprobates. Neither Father Martina, nor Pope Francis, nor Satan himself can change a iota in that. All this work of destruction is, ultimately, the deceivers only fooling those who want to be deceived. Sure, it appears evident that in this age far more Reprobates are born than in the sane ages of the past. But again, they are Reprobates because of their own blindness allowed by God, not because Francis or any of his perverted accomplices can take away one single soul from the happiness appointed for it.

In a way, this is the Apocalypse, and one that will go long until we are likely all in our graves. In another way, all this evil work is, ultimately, impotent against God’s will, as the work of the devil ever was.

There will be wailing, and gnashing of teeth. And a lot of Bishops and Cardinals will be part of it.

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  1. We know God is well aware of what is happening now in the Church. In fact, he anticipated it. Prayer and patience is our role.
    “And shall not God avenge his elect, that cry to him day and night, and yet he is longsuffering over them? I say unto you, that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”
    —-Luke 18:7-8

  2. Ailish Uí Laoighre

    Thank you so much

  3. Our Lady of Fatima was not obeyed, hence the situation we are now in but have no fear the chastisement is coming. God will not be mocked and He will clean His House.

  4. John J. Marren, Jr.

    Sobering observations….but the doctrine of causality makes it clear that nothing happens unless God permits it.
    A lot of gloom and doom out there but one of Michael Matts posts points to a resurgence of the Faith (Traditional) in France. Nice to read about some positive activity.
    Reprobate and elect…great point. No matter what happens if God has numbered you among the elect you’ll have sufficient grace to persevere until the end.
    Much after Mass and email “discussions” about the doctrine of Predestination. Molinist accusations abound.
    I seem to remember you doing a piece about predestination.
    What’s your take on holding the belief that God desires all men to be saved according to His Antecedent Will but not all men will be saved according to His Consequent Will?
    Finding out that most Catholics don’t have a clue about the Churches teaching on Predestination…we have one gentleman server at a local TLM Mass and one time seminarian at Saint Charles here in Philly who dismisses predestination as a Calvinist doctrine – go figure.

  5. Bingo. For those of us who have been following the decline and destruction of our beautiful Church closely, more bad news is not going to be a surprise. However, you are 100% right — we have gotten the priests, cardinals and Pope we deserve. We have been too comfortable. We haven’t lived in a mortified fashion. We haven’t pursued holiness. We’ve just been . . . comfortable.
    Time for us to stand up and be the Catholics we are supposed to be and in the meantime stand up to our leadership, take no guff and demand – of all of us – a strong, sacrificial Catholicism. And it will probably come as this chastisement (of our own making) grows.
    God bless you.

  6. I want to agree with you. I am trying to envision this occurrence. How would this appear to us, and, perhaps, more important, how would we know it occurred? I cannot picture the MSM announcing something of this nature. I can’t picture a bishop even having access to the pope to contradict him, without being whisked away. This is a serious question. I don’t have a very good imagination, I think.

    • We will die in these confused times, and it is for us to make the best of it.
      There. No imagination required..:;

    • I should be more clear: how would we know if bishops/cardinals did take on the pope? More than one or two of them…Would that news be squelched by the Vatican and the MSM?

    • No it wouldn’t.
      Three Cardinals stand up and declare the Pope officially a heretic.
      The whole world will know within hours.
      If in doubt, they could say that in a press conference, or directly to Breitbart.

  7. sixlittlerabbits

    “Father Martina,” ROTFLOL. That’s so apropos.

  8. Cdls Burke and Sarah are contemptible for their inaction,

  9. I was hopeful that the hierarchy would put a stop to Francis’ anti-Catholic maneuverings, but the Bishops and Cardinals have really let us down. They spent the last six years waiting for the Pope to die, not wanting to jeopardize their careers nor cause a schism, although an unofficial schism is here anyway.
    Due to their failure to act, Francis has, over time, appointed enough perv Cardinals to march in a gay pride parade through the streets of Rome. The next conclave will consist of South American leftists, Western homosexualists, and unknowns from the peripheries who will gratefully vote as expected. It is virtually assured that a junior evil clown will succeed the Evil Clown, so, in a sense, he will still rule from beyond the grave. The alphabet people, the CINO’s, and the SJW’s must be thrilled at the direction that Francis has taken the Church. I agree that only Divine Intervention and much prayer can save us now.

  10. It just occurred to me today that we are in the Zombie Apocalypse. Obviously, just going by statistics, of the billions of people currently walking around, the vast majority must be in mortal sin, and therefore spiritually dead. Lord, have mercy.

  11. Speaking as a nomad Catholic (surrounded by NO parishes well grounded in fellowship like their Protestant brothers) and having to travel far and wide to a traditional parish, I am conflicted….happy to have an opportunity to witness the ancient Mass and angry that they are tucked in out of the way corners of the diocese. Please note there is a weekend vacant church (a cathedral nonetheless) in the downtown district in the states capitol that would draw a big crowd from the suburbs but no, the diocese would rather have it empty with the occasional wedding or funeral. What a disgrace. This is a spit in the eye from the bishop and his cohorts. Not one red dime to the bishops annual appeal (should be named the perpetual appeal). I find the average Catholic in this diocese to be flip flop wearing ostriches. Do they see what is happening in the church? Heck no.,.they are concerned with selling more raffle tickets or improving fish fry attendance. I need to move. Sorry to vent.

  12. well said…bravo.

  13. This is what I don’t like about Michael Matt’s “unite the clans” article. He basically says we need to give the FSSP a pass for their silence in the face of Francis’ numerous blasphemies and heresies and their failure to criticize the poison of Vatican II. But their silence has allowed, in part, the disease of Vatican II/FrancisChurch to spread! And I’ve NEVER heard any FSSP priest publicly criticize the Pope OR Vatican II. I’m sick of homilies about how nice the windows are while the building is on fire. And FYI- I go to the Church of All Saints that is mentioned in the article and some people there are frustrated with the FSSP for the same reason.

    Love your blog, and I’ve been reading it for some time now. Keep up the great work.

    • Like Mr Matt, I prefer the FSSP to keep doing their job for the care of souls rather than see them disbanded.
      The problem is the silence of bishops and cardinals.
      We can’t have the Catholic net on the ground destroyed.
      Let the priest form good Catholics, and the Bishops fight for the faith. Bishops have the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, they are called first.

  14. Joseph D'Hippolito

    “Congratulations, Cardinal Burke & Co. Your empty virtue signalling has now virtually – bar Divine intervention – guaranteed us a closeted homosexual Francis II, an openly homosexual Francis III and, who knows, a gender fluid Francis IV.”

    The bishops and their episcopal sycophants are nothing but company men — first, foremost and always. That’s been true for centuries. Canon lawyers have long been emasculated.

    This is what happens when Catholics give the reverence due only to God to institutional leaders who claim to represent Him yet do anything but.

  15. Like you said before we deserve it until we wake up and crying out to Him. In 2016 election Americans had cried out for God’s help since they’d seen the country falling down fast on destruction path and God answered them with a miracle in the last minutes…

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