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The Bubo And The Plague.

After the expectedly shocking news of the new Cardinal appointments, I visited a well known Catholic blog to read what the very good priest running it had to say.

I read sober words of suffering and prevailing in the end, of a Church crucified by evil men like Christ once was.

The Comments were a different story. With few exceptions, the commenter really seem to not have the faintest clue why this is happening.

Most seem to think that JP and Benedict’s Pontificates were, in fact, good, and that they appointed good bishops and cardinals.

Good Lord..

As I was reading the comments, it became clear to me, as in a flesh, why we are living the years we are living.

The root of the problem is Vatican II, its novelties and innovations, its approach to the way the Church is and operates and, crucially, its disfiguration of the Liturgy. As long as this is not understood, and acted upon, things will keep getting worse, as there is no way that a ball once sent down a slippery slope stops rolling. Vatican II is the slippery slope. All the rest follows from it.

How many of even the good intentioned faithful realise this? Perhaps ten percent? All the others hanker for… what exactly? A JP III kissing the earth before a Rock Mass? A Benedict XVII happy with being respected by no-one as his motu proprios are left as dead letter almost everywhere? More Buddha symbols in the sanctuary? More happy-clappy masses? More interminable hours of theology of the body no one understands, and no one felt the need for?

If you want more of this, you deserve Francis, then Francis was allowed by God to make you understand the evil of the aggiornamento.

Milquetoast disapproval of a horrible pope while looking back at bad ones is not going to change anything more than wanting for the ball to be put back higher in the slope, whence it will unavoidably roll down at increasing speed again.

Francis is the broken bubo, with the disgusting pus pouring out. But Vatican II is the plague.

When we get this, we will be on the road to sanity again. Until that day, we will have to live with very evil Popes, Bishops and Cardinals.

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