Six (And A Half) Years In Fast Forward

It’s getting cold again in this part of the world. Another summer will soon be gone, and the Evil Clown is still in place.

I reflect on the years that have led to this, and what I always think is this: it was the fault of Cardinals and Bishops, from day one.

The Cardinals elected* a man whom they either did not know (desperately trying to be charitable here) or knew to be evil and, at the very least, Catholicism-free. They also clearly followed the counsel or suggestions of Cardinals of whom they had to know that they had nothing holy in them. The decision to offer Francis the Keys is unjustifiable however you look at it.

Francis is obviously vain, and not very deep. He starts with the easy platitudes and the easy gestures on day one. This alone should have alerted our shepherds about the real goings inside the mind of the man. Many were accomplices, I know. But how many just chose not to see?

It got worse pretty fast, as Francis started to preach a strange fake gospel made of a lot of socialism mixed with a lot of social envy. Almost no one, among our supposed shepherds, reacted.

It was, therefore, not a surprise when Francis started the brutal persecution of a staunchly Catholic order, the FFI; for petty personal reasons, certainly, but also to send a signal of what will happen to those who are not in his graces. Again, no reaction.

The heresies came pouring in. For a long time, only on aeroplanes, with the entire world wondering whether there is some strange virus in the their AC, or whether the poor man just cannot stand altitude. All sorts of excuses were fabricated. Again, no condemnation.

Is it not the most natural, obvious thing in the world that a vain, stupid, impious, devilish man like Francis would feel encouraged by the cowardice he saw all around him? Francis is evil, but he is not so reckless that he risks a heresy trial. Like every bully, he is first and foremost a coward. When the Bishops condemned the instrumentum laboris of the synod on the family (the first attempt to make heresy official), Francis backpedalled like a professional athlete, before starting a systematic work of covert, or overt, oppression of Catholics. Before he kicks you in the teeth, Francis wants to be sure he will be able to do so with impunity.

Amoris Laetitia came, and the heresies were now, in the immortal words of Yes, Prime Minister, “officially official”. You would think that now, surely, a strong reaction would follow?

What we heard was… crickets, but this time, they were special crickets, in the form of four Cardinals mounting the greatest grandstanding operation known to man, just to fold like the cowards they all are when they were required to, actually, act. God forbid, the last eighteen months of their lives should be marred by a slight decrease in the comfort they have become so accustomed to. The youngest one of them, Cardinal Burke, is now considered “persecuted” because his extremely comfortable Roman existence lost some of the extremely comfortable perks. I wonder what St Stephan thinks of him.

It went, predictably, downhill from there. Once the bully is assured that he can bully everyone with impunity, his insolence will keep growing.

The current phase is the one of spitting on several sacraments at the same time, as even priest celibacy is put into question and Catholicism is, so to speak, invited to learn from the tattooed savages of the forest. There is some moaning here and there, but make no mistake: this is just because Francis has not yet officially put his seal of approval on the new heresies. Let him make so, and watch some faint, respectful meowing as the only reaction.

This is where we are now: homosexual Cardinals, rampant heresies, and Cardinals and Bishops living a comfortable existence and doing, as a whole, nothing.

Many of them, on day, will be gnashing their teeth in hell.

And if Cardinal Burke is not terrified for his eternal destiny, and for the destiny of his small band of grandstanding cowards, he is the greatest fool alive.


  • The Holy Ghost does not elect the Pope. The Cardinals do. It is a blasphemy to think that God would choose an evil man to lead His Church. Disabuse yourself of this blasphemy, if you want to understand what is going on withing  the Church.

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  1. As the smoke curlred up into the sky and frankie stepped out onto the terrace for the first time my wife, watching on television, went, “oh no!”

  2. Francis has been proclaiming a false gospel from the day he stepped out onto that balcony to announce “a church for the poor”. Why the assembled churchmen did not throw him off the balcony, then and there, tells me all I need to know about them.

  3. I would like to say you are wrong. Unfortunately, your points are very clearly true. My good mother (may she RIP) would have cheered for you and quoted you in her little Catholic news magazine. I hope something will stir up some bishops, as late as it is, to become serious. The laity have only limited power and don’t ordinarily have access to the halls of the Vatican. Thanks for your work. Prayers for your work.

  4. Yeah, I don’t get the Burke cheerleaders. The man is a straight up coward. Too little, too late.
    Ditto for all of them.

  5. It is presumptuous to assert that Cardinal Burke is being cowardly.
    One should not demean a person because he or she doesn’t act or have personality traits like other persons in the past whom we admire.
    In fact, Burke has stated the truth regarding this and that in his own carefully worded analytical way on several occasions.

    • Poppycock.
      Limiting oneself to stating the truth on limited occasions whilst actually doing nothing is so short of the marks that if you don’t see it you are part of the problem.
      And I do not demean the guy. I state hard facts.

  6. I look forward to the Church’s future. I believe we are somewhere near the apex of the sodomy heresy. Due to the near universal social acceptance of faggots they no longer have to hide in the clergy. There are still a great many liberal priests and many liberals in the seminary, but of the young priests and seminarians I’ve met, I’ve been amazed at their orthodoxy.

  7. The situation in the Church is almost too terrible to ponder. The entire Catholic moral edifice has collapsed in the wake of Amoris Laetitia, which enshrines situational ethics. The sheep are scattered. The shepherds are wolves. Rome has lost the Faith.

  8. When priest start lying by loving money, power and sodomitical sex they automatically loose wisdom, the truth that is Jesus Christ. They could be very knowledgeable or very smart, but totally blind and never be able to see truth. That’s reason why “Che” and 200 bishops in Amazon synod think nature is God and sodomy is a good form of entertainment. All they want is to fill their animalistic desires, no mater at all since there is no hell. God is very patient waiting for their return…

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