Daily Archives: September 9, 2019

Pope Leopard The African Shaman

The picture below shows the moral vacuum , the vanity and the waste of FrancisChurch in all its stupidity.

What does an idiot who visits Africa does? He tries to please the natives with leopard themed vestments.

It is not only the vulgarity that is staggering. It is the condescending stupidity that, once again with this man, leaves one speechless. Pope Francis has become the best parody of himself.

Oh, and have you seen the Ferula? Suitably simple, as befits the poor, primitive, leopard-loving natives.

How much does that cost, I also wonder. Papal vestments don’t go cheap, and I doubt the very same clown complaining about “waste” will use this atrocious stuff much once this visit has ended.

Come on, Francis, go the whole distance now: go Blackface, play the bongo, put some ears on your nose!

Imagine how happy the simple natives will be!

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