Pope Leopard The African Shaman

The picture below shows the moral vacuum , the vanity and the waste of FrancisChurch in all its stupidity.

What does an idiot who visits Africa does? He tries to please the natives with leopard themed vestments.

It is not only the vulgarity that is staggering. It is the condescending stupidity that, once again with this man, leaves one speechless. Pope Francis has become the best parody of himself.

Oh, and have you seen the Ferula? Suitably simple, as befits the poor, primitive, leopard-loving natives.

How much does that cost, I also wonder. Papal vestments don’t go cheap, and I doubt the very same clown complaining about “waste” will use this atrocious stuff much once this visit has ended.

Come on, Francis, go the whole distance now: go Blackface, play the bongo, put some ears on your nose!

Imagine how happy the simple natives will be!

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  1. Just when you think it can’t get any more ridiculous, it does!

  2. John J. Marren, Jr.

    Good morning Mundy,
    Don’t have to go to the Amazon to get some bongo jive….Ann Barnhardt would attend the Mass of Bishop Chaput when he was located in Colorado and according to Ann he did the bongo thing. Here’s Ann’s response to my inquiry regarding Archbishop’s statement about Catholics worshiping the same god as the muslims:
    “Didn’t walk out of the Mass, but yes, after hearing him go out of his way to say that musloids “worship the same God we do” I never went to his 18:30 Sunday evening Mass at the Denver Cathedral again. It was no great loss – music was guitars and bongos. No joke.
    Always worked my travel schedule so that I could attend a Trad Mass from there forward.
    Fun fact: Chaput doesn’t write his own books. He just takes credit for them. They are ghosted by a woman in Denver.”

  3. Isn’t this the same guy who used St. Peter’s as a picture screen to show huge pictures of furry little creatures everywhere and who blathers on endlessly our moral responsibility to the environment? Isn’t this the same guy who had somebody write Laudato si’ then signed his name to it? Now he’s wearing Leopard skin?

  4. He will use it again when he visits a zoo to bless the animals.

  5. It’s like Trudeau when he went to India and made his whole family play dress up. These people are so ridiculous

  6. Hmmm… Isn’t that cultural appropriation? The Left calls cultural appropriation inappropriate, offensive and insensitive. Where are all the liberal Catholics demanding Pope Francis to Stop. Doing. That! ??

  7. Joseph D'Hippolito

    “It is not only the vulgarity that is staggering. It is the condescending stupidity that, once again with this man, leaves one speechless.”
    Condescension is the hallmark of the Left. Francis’ vestments and crozier are no different than Democratic Party politicians in the United States saying they care about black people yet favor aborting them in Africa to fight global warming!
    Not even the worst hack playwright on Broadway could write such drivel and make it convincing.

  8. Amazon is famous for practicing dark magic where many witch doctors, sorcerers are concentrated. What’s the deal to hold Catholic synod there? To praise Satan and get more possesses? Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, you are appointed by God almighty to crush Evil one’s head, please come to save your son’s Church.

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