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Pope Hypocrite The Indecent

On the aeroplane back from Madagascar, where he managed to make a total fool of himself once again (yours truly reported) , Francis has let journalists know that he is “not afraid of schism”.

Well, someone of us had already noted it.

The argumentation (if there ever be any from this rambling idiot) runs thus: I am the Pope, therefore to disagree with me is to be in schism. A worse example of crass Clericalism of the stupidest sort has the world never seen.

264 Popes are in schism, then.

Francis, you are such a genius.

The measure of the utter stupidity of this man is given by the fact that, after 6.5 years of disastrous pontificate, he dares to state that he does not do anything differently than…. JP II.

The mind boggles.

Why is that, then, that Conservative Catholics regale this man with 100 times the criticism they reserved for JP II, he does not care to elaborate.

And Yes, Pope John The Koran Kisser had his atrocious moments, and every pre V II Pope would have heavily criticised, of called a blasphemy, the Buddha on the altar in Assisi, the attempt to transform the Church in mass entertaining, part of the 1994 Catechism and a lot more. But for all his mistakes, the man was recognisably a Catholic.

Those who believe that this man is on Christ’s side have been blinded by Satan, and are doing his work. Thankfully, his supporters are often on the other side, and are to be found among those who are open enemies of the Church; which should greatly help even the most stupid among the rosewater Catholics to understand what a fraud this man is.

I don’t know whom this old nincompoop wants to fool. Those who pretend to agree with him, or who brown nose him, have agendas of their own, but no-one with a brain believes this shameless liar.

He will die some day, and face his judgment. Nothing of what he has said and done will remain unpunished.

Let this thought comfort you every day.

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