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The Little Problem

Yes, the FrancisTroops of the Papolatry SS (or shall I say the Gaystapo plus auxiliary troops) are using the “schism” as an insult to decent Catholics.

The game is very simple: you take something very normal (=being a Catholic) and turn it into an insult, “schismatic”. You do this again and again. You have your friends in the press echo the term. At some point, it becomes the norm.

See also: hate and hate crime, fake news and the king of them all: homophobia.

An old game, practised by Commies and Nazis alike.

Again, you need the Press. The FrancisTroops do all they can.

However, there is a little problem: neither Stalin nor Hitler had to deal with the Internet.

The Internet is too atomized to be controlled. It’s like trying to stop a tide with your hands. It allows people to know the facts, read the comments on them, form their own opinion. There is really nothing you can do.

This is why I find it pathetic when all these presumed trendy wannabe Twitterati think that they can shape Catholicism. They really can’t.

They should rather say this: “we hate the Church, but the Pope is on our side. Therefore, we will keep our work unpunished for hopefully very long as Francis II The Faggot and Francis III The Tranny keep protecting us. However, God forbid, we get a Catholic Pope, because then there will be no hole on the planet deep enough to hide us from his just wrath”.

This is all there is in this, and the Internet makes it impossible to disguise it.

Catholicism is well known, and has been for 2000 years. No matter how hard you tweet, how many books you write, how many Cardinals protect you, you won’t be able to fool any decent person, and the indecent ones don’t need the fooling anyway.

All the screeching cheerleaders of Francis cannot deny or disguise this simple fact: they, not us, are promoting a de facto schism.

They will be surprised, one day, to discover that there is no schism in heaven, but there is a lot of pain in hell.

And I don’t think a certain sodopriest will be allowed to wear a bra down there, either.

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