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Trouble In Goebbelsland

I have already written about Leana Wen, the 8 month Planned Parenthood CEO who was kicked out because not aggressive enough at killing unborn babies.

Mssssss Wen is now having a very public controversy with the baby killing organisation, which – she says – is leaving her and “her family” without severance package and medical insurance. I thought about crying a micro-tear because of poor Mssssss Wen and her unfortunate family, but then I decided, better not.

Rejoice, Mssssss Wen.

You still have the greatest gift of all: life.

You have not been killed in the womb by the likes of you. Nor have your husband (if any) and your children.

The people you were instrumental in killing will never have the possibility to write to a newspaper about their lack of severance package, or medical insurance. They have been hacked to pieces in their mother’s womb, in a dismemberment the likes of you call “health care” or, even more hypocritically, “reproductive health”.

No, I will not cry a micro-tear for Msssss Wen, the abortionist now in trouble for being just a bit less of a Dr Goebbels than her employer.

This will be interesting to watch, though, as there might be a lot of dirt coming out of this.

When there is trouble in Goebbelsland, sordid details about the practices of these people might not be far away.

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