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The Root Of The Problem

The SSPX.org site has a long, extremely interesting interview with the Superior General, Fr Pagliarani.

Fr Pagliarani conducts a brilliant dissection of Amoris Laetitia and -very rightly in my eyes- inserts it in its proper historical context: Vatican II.

I enjoyed reading his interview not only for the lucidity of Father’s argument, but because in my eyes he goes at the heart of the problem. Vatican II is the root of all evil that is befalling the Church. The restoration of sanity will have to go through the total and complete repudiation of the novelties of that Council. There is no other way to restore orthodox Catholicism, because stopping at the half of a slippery slope will cause one to… keep slipping.

Two examples he brings are particularly poignant: the constant reference to JP II (a bad Pope by any serious standard) undermines the very argument, as it tends to fight disease with something also diseased; and the irony of having Cardinal Mueller strongly criticising Amoris Laetitia, when he himself insisted that the SSPX accepted the novelties of V II.

This is a brilliant interview that I suggest you read in its entirety. As the Superior General states at the end, the way is the total embrace of the Church as it was, not the attempt to distil something good from the novelties of V II which, in the end, cannot be found.

We need to demand, just to make an example, that the Church ditches the Novus Ordo Mass in its entirety and goes back to the Tridentine Mass just as it is, without any sort of survival of the former or hybridization of the latter. The same goes for the ecclesiology etc.

Father Pagliarani is moderate in the tone, but very hard in the substance. I think his analysis of the root of the problem is spot on. I wish the Society were more assertively vocal against Francis, but I am assertively vocal by nature and others prefer a different approach.

A prayer or three for him are absolutely in order.

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