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Pope Scoundrel Perfectly Pictured

Quite the interesting photograph, uh?

What Gloria TV published is most certainly authentic. It is difficult to imagine a man making such a face, for the camera, without a deep-seated bullying instinct and intimidation will inside him.

This, I think, is the real Bergoglio. The Bergoglio most people do not get to see. The Bergoglio who screams profanities and has temper tantrums. The bully. The hater. The scoundrel.

You look at that picture and you know why Kapos could exist. You look at that picture and you understand that there can be people happy to dissect babies in their mother’s womb for a living. It really says more than 1000 words.

I do not know the context of this photo. It really looks like the mug of a crack cocaine dealer thinking of his enemies. It is the picture of a bad man, trying to convey how bad he is. It is also the picture of a man able to do everything he knows he will get away with.

I am glad this picture has emerged. It might well become the defining photo not of the Pontificate (the shot was clearly taken in earlier years) but of the man’s character.

The Economy Of Stupid

It appears from here that Pope Francis allows the Vatican to run a deficit of around 23% budget. 

Well congratulations, Frankie dear. This is not Venezuela yet, but you are well on your way.

I have wondered for a long time whether Socialists can count. After mature reflection, I have come to the conclusion that they (probably) can, but they do not allow irrelevances like facts, numbers, or common sense to stay in the way of their ideology, their caprices, their and their own friends’ desire for waste or personal enrichment, and their own general childishness.

It is normally fine until there are other people whose money can be expropriated. If there are any complaint, shout out loud and expropriate more. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s a complex problem. Rich liberal donors apparently do not like to donate money for causes that aggrandise the Pope and his bunch of homo prelates. They will normally donate to the Church only if they can aggrandise themselves.

They must profit something that can be seen. Big. Famous. Shiny. The renovation of St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York amassed more than $100m in a matter of hours. That was an easy fundraising. But the game becomes much more difficult if what is necessary to finance is a bunch of anonymous Monsignors, many of them actually given to sodomy.

Then there is the other problem: Francis, like every socialist idiot, likes to play statesman.

He launches big “reforms” that go nowhere but cost money. And he travels a lot, which is not as cheap as it used to be, because the Italian Government does not subsidise them anymore.

Then he does other stupid things like forbidding the sale of cigarettes within the Vatican (note here: smoking is not a sin; promoting heresy is), forcing his people to actually walk a couple of hundred metres to buy the cigarettes in nearby Italy, where the Italian Government will cash in the tax money. A small example, but very much indicative of the great stupidity of Francis.

Mind: he will not go bankrupt. The Church’s resources are potentially unlimited.  But if people do not want to give money to socialist, Banana Republic dictators, these dictators take the money from somewhere else.

I suspect that, at some point, Francis will target the one or other conservative order just in order to plunder their coffers, with the thin excuse of some “reform” or other.

Lying, cheating and stealing is what socialists do.

Francis is, whilst (unfortunately) being also the Pope, no exception.


Death Inside

The Weasel Zipper states that Greta Thunberg gave Trump the “death stare” after having to stop to make him pass.

I disagree.

That one is not a “death stare”.

It is Greta Thunberg’s standard expression.


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